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Friday, March 30, 2018 by Bone

Remember those name combination algorithms you'd use to find your "stripper name" or your "porn star name" as a kid? It was like, first pet's name + street name — mine was Suki Simonston. Pretty good.

Well, apparently someone made one for your Star Wars name and it actually works fairly well. Here's the algorithm:

First name: 
First 3 letters of your last name
+ First 2 letters of your first name

Last name:
First 2 letters of your mother's maiden name
+ First 3 letters of the town you were born in

Mine is "Ovem Vetho", which sounds like some sort of slug-like alien matriarch.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens on our minds this May the 4th, it only seems fitting that we apply this algorithm to all the stars and behind-the-scenes stars of the film to see what their true Star Wars names would be.

Check them out below:

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Name: Adam Driver

Character name: Kylo Ren

Star Wars Name: Driad Nesan

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Name: Daisy Ridley

Character Name: Rey

Star Wars Name: Ridda Fawes

That sounds like the name of an intergalactic supermodel. I'd go with it if I were Ridley.

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Name: John Boyega

Character Name: Finn

Star Wars Name: Boyjo Bopeck

Okay, so we couldn't find John Boyega's mother's maiden name, so the result is that his Star Wars name kind of sounds like a hillbilly farmer's name...

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Name: Harrison Ford

Character Name: Han Solo

Star Wars Name: Forha Nichi


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Name: Mark Hamill

Character Name: Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Name: Hamma Jooak

Stop! Hamill time!

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Name: Carrie Fisher

Character: Princess Leia

Star Wars Name: Fisca Rebev

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Name: Oscar Isaac

Character: Poe Dameron

Star Wars Name: Isaos Nigua

Well that's just a straight-up beautiful-sounding name.

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Name: Lupita Nyong'o

Character: Maz Kanata

Star Wars Name: Nyolu Nymex

Also could not find Lupita's mother's maiden name so the result is that her Star Wars name kind of sounds like a cleaning product.

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Name: Andy Serkis

Character: Supreme Leader Snoke

Star Wars Name: Seran Werui

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Name: Gwendoline Christie

Character: Captain Phasma

Star Wars Name: Chrgw Chwor

Also can't find Gwendoline's mother's maiden name, so she wins the award for most-difficult-to-pronounce Star Wars name.

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Name: Domhnall Gleeson

Character: General Hux

Star Wars Name: Gledo Wedub

"Gledo Wedub" would definitely be the comedic relief in a Star Wars movie.

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Name: Max von Sydow

Star Wars Name: Sydma Ralun

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Name: J.J. Abrams


Star Wars Name: Abrje Kenew

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Name: George Lucas


Star Wars Name: Lucge Bomod