Macro updating excel workshhet need the

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Macro For Search, Display, Update Data Via Userform

Dec 29, 2007

I need a code for vinculating a user form and perform some searchings on a excel database.
For further details see attached file.

I created a user form in which some infromation is requested in order to search on excel database, I need a macro to search, display and update this data/information.

As an example, if i need to find the part number "C23138810-1" using the button search database and contains or match options, then displays all the information on the user form, this information is located in the same row where the part number is. Then, if some change is required, update is by clickig button "Update Data", and then if require "find next" item to review or update.

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Need Search And Update Box In Userform

May 9, 2013

I have a userform for data entry. I am able to make codes for Add ( Add entry to database), clear ( Clear userform ) , Cancel (Exit userform). I have some more buttons and functions to be assigned to them but not able to write code .

Need codes for :

1) Have search box which searches Mat id in the complete database and returns value in the search result listbox. When we click on the result in listbox , the userform values are filled with the values that the mat id has . Then if user wishes he can update teh details for that mat id , and click on update button . the data is updated in the database. Or he can delete the entry from database by clicking on delete button.

2) Have arrows which will navigate through database ( need macros for that ) .


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UserForm Search And Update

Feb 17, 2010

Not sure if I am linking this correctly but here it goes...

This is a previous post link that is now solved but I have a new question based on the code in the post. I would like to know how to add a search and update ability to the user form I have created. I am newb with user forms so I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge.

And yes I know the way it is set up now it is depositing data in two different locations; this is for a specific purpose.

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Add VBA To Userform To Search By Last Name And To Update Record

May 6, 2014

I have developed a functional User Form that works like a charm. The form will Add New Records to my database and Get Next and Get Previous records. This all works like a charm. I am stuck on how to search by Last Name or Employee Number and then to Update the Existing Record. If I change anything in an existing record as the VBA is written today, my only choice is to add a new record to the end of the database. I have added Command Buttons, but I'm lost as to how to write the code. Here's what I have so far:


Dim currentrow As Long
Private Sub cmdGetNext_Click()
lastrow = ActiveCell.Row


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Search Worksheet For Data In Multiple Textboxes On Userform - Display In Temp Worksheet

Dec 23, 2013

I have a workbook with 4 worksheet that store different type of data. It also has a userform that load at start of the application which is to search the data in the workbook. The userform has a combobox where the names of the sheets are stored. when the user selects say Sheet2 in the combobox, it enables the relevant textboxes on the userform and activates the worksheet at the change event. The userform has a search button that searches all the worksheets based on the text entered in a textbox.

The problem: how to search based on 1 textbox. What I want is: say for e.g the end-user selects sheet2 from the combobox, this intern enables 4 textboxes (Name, DOB, Nationality, ID #) on the userform. The end-user should have the liberty to enter data in 1 and/or any of the textboxes. The search should be performed, that if data is only in 1 of any of textboxes then give all rows that fit that criteria and display in a temp worksheet. if say the name and dob is filled by the user than what matches both should be displayed in a temp worksheet. if say dob, name and ID# given so the search button should narrow down to fit all 3 criteria and then display result in temp worksheet. As if mentioned data can be entered in either just 1 or any or all textboxes.

E.g. the worksheet is (Columns are Name, Nationality, DOB, ID#)

row 1 = name: Steven Martin, DOB: 27-may-1993, Nationality: Trinidad & Tobago, ID #: 1234567
row 2 = name: Gary Richards, DOB: 2-FEB-1993, Nationality: British, ID #: 456789
row 3 = name: David Cohen, DOB: 27-May 1993, Nationality: American, ID #: 98765
row 4 = name: Roberto McDonalds, DOB 21-Jul-1962, Nationality: British, ID # 654321
row 5= name: Gary Richards, DOB: 01-Dec-1978, Nationality: Australian, ID # 1234567

Now if the user enters only name as "Gary Richards" and search then row 2 and 5 should be displayed in a temp worksheet. if user enters name Roberto McDonald and ID# 1234567 then it should not display anything. if user enters DOB 27-may-1993 and nationality British and ID # 1234567 then as well shouldn't display anything and should a msgbox "no data found".

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Get Userform With Search And Update Functions To Work?

Mar 27, 2014

I came across a userform which was perfect for my needs, as I only had to create additional fields, which I did and have attached. However, since I have more than 10 fields, I was getting an error with respect to the listbox function, where it stated that the list property could not be found. I gathered from the searches I did, that this is the max limit for this particular function. I have been unsuccessful in finding a solution, partly because I don't know very much and I'm not understanding how to incorporate some of these solutions into the vba code. I've created simple userforms before, but this one is a little more advanced than my current capabilities.

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Userform Search And Display Results?

Oct 17, 2012

I've put together a workbook that has 2 sheets that contain stock details and location info (i.e. part number, description, Location & stock level). I need to have a search function outside of the 'built-in' Ctrl+F (or Edit > Find) search function, i'd assume this would mean using VBA?I invisiage making a userform embedded within the very first sheet of the workbook and having this form be opened when accessing the worbook - maybe hide the other two sheets containing the data? Within the search userform, i would have a 'part number' & 'description' search input boxes for data input, either one could be blank but atleast ONE must be inputfor the search to work. On pressing the 'Search now' command button in the userform, any reults found would be displayed in a listbox at the bottom of the said userform. If no results found, a dialog box would pop-up saying 'No Items Matched"

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Search & Display Records On Userform

Jul 3, 2006

I am very new to Excel/VBA. I have created a "Customer Complaint System" in excel and have designed a user form for users to enter new complaints.

My next step is to design a Search or Look up form for viewing the complaints where users can choose to look up complaints by either Complaint No or Customer or Month.

The worksheet that stored my data is called "ComplaintData" which is hidden. In the sheet "COmplaintData" I have following 10 Columns:

Column A - Complaint No
Column B - Date
Column C - Customer
Column D - Contact Person
Column E - Product
Column F - Batch
Column G - Category (This relates to Complaint Category)
Column H - Description
Column I - Account Manager
Column J - Month (This just takes value from B and converts to month, so hopefully I can sort by month if required..)

I did see a few examples of look up forms but am struggling to customise them to suit me.

Ideally I need a combobox & textbox in serach field. So user can choose the "Search by" category using combobox e.g. Complaint No, Customer or Month and then enter the relevent text in the textbox to carryout the search.

and then use labels & listbox to display the related fields on the form. The reason I prefer labels is that I do not want users to edit the info. and listbox to show multiple results out of which user can choose specific one....e.g. when user does a search by Customer, I want listbox to show the various products that customer has logged complaints for.

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Search Through Database And Display Results In Userform

Jan 17, 2009

I have a database of 13 columns and ever increasing rows.

I want the following to be there on my userform.

1 combobox: showing the list of categories from which to search.(The categories are the column headings in columns A1 to A13.The user will have to select one category.

1 textbox:Here the user will enter the search term.

1 Command Button: When the command button is clicked/entered, the code shall be such that it will search in the column corresponding to the category mentioned in the combobox and display the results( The entire 1 row x 13 cloumns containing the search term) in a Listbox. If the search term does not matches then a message box should appear with the message "No entries found"

1 Listbox:to display the search result as mentioned above.

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Trying To Use VBA To Concatenate And Display Search Results On A Userform

Sep 16, 2009

I'm using a userform to report on set of worksheets. Two of the functions are:

- reporting on the number of contacts with a client
- displaying the details of all contacts with selected client in one textbox.

I can't work out how to concatenate the text of all the contacts relating to one client in a text box (txtContactHist) on the userform.

Using the countIf function I'm trapping zero matches.

The worksheet containing the contacts has the following data columns:

Col A - Customer ID
Col B - Detail of contact
Col C- Date of Contact

Columns B and C contain the data I want to capture

Column A (the customer ID) is the column that is searched for a match ( via the userform text box (txtLic.Value))

To work out the total number of contacts, I use this bit of ...

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Search And Display Results On Columns In ListBox Of Userform

Apr 21, 2014

I am creating a database using excel and I've created a userfrom for ease of data entry and searching the database. But now I am stuck at the searching part.

The sheet is Sheet1 and the userform is UserForm1. Based on the pic that i have attached, user needs to key in the keywords in any of the textboxes and comboboxes in the group box labelled "Organizational detail" and when he/she clicks on the Search button, the userform will display the whole rows where the search results reside onthe listbox. When the user click on the search results on the listbox, the textboxes and comboboxes will be updated with the data on the listbox.

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Filter Using Userform And Display Whole Row Of Search Result On Textboxes

Apr 17, 2014

Currently I am working on a data entry form for CRM database using Excel. Now i am stuck at filtering and displaying the data from the spread sheet to the user form.

There are three text boxes to key in the filter criteria and a button which will filter the data from the spreadsheet based on the criteria in the three text boxes. Then the whole row where the filtered data resides will be displayed on text boxes on the user form.

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Update Data By Ado - Change/delete Data And Then Run Macro For Update Data In Source Spreadsheet

Dec 6, 2006

I have one source spreadsheet, where are columns NAME, DATE. I read these data by ADO to other spreadsheet, where I can change/delete data and then run macro for update data in source spreadsheet. The problem: In source spreadsheet is column "NAME" and column "DATE", with values e.g. "Joseph"; 1.1.1980. I read this data to other spreadsheet, then I delete in it value 1.1.1980. When I run macro Update, it messages error.

Sub UpdateItem
.Fields.Item(1).value = activecell 'activecell value = "Joseph"
If Not isempty(activecell.offset(0,1)) Then
.Fields.Item(2).value = activecell.offset(0,1).value
.Fields.Item(2).value = "" 'I tried Empty and 0 too but when I read data again then, it displays 0.1.1900, nothing works
End If
End Sub

It seems that in source spreadsheet has data in column "Date" format Date and when I try to update data in format String ("") in source spreadsheet by Update macro, it messages error. When I used

.Fields.Item(2).Value = Empty
' or
.Fields.Item(2).Value = 0

after rereading data it displays 0.1.1900 What I want to get is that if the cell with date (in other spreadsheet) is empty, the cell in column Date in source spreadsheet after updating will be blank (contains no values).

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Update Code On A UserForm Via Macro

Dec 7, 2009

I have a time sheet which is used by around 15 people. Part of the timesheet is a userform which adds a new sheet and names it with the seleted month and year. I have made a few changes to my timesheet which I wish to update on other peoples sheets. I am going to send out a speadsheet with a macro that people can run and it will automatically make the changes to their timesheet. I have done all the work for updating the various formats and formuals but I have hit a bit of a brick wall when trying to change the code on a user form via a macro.
It would be great if I could either overwrite all of it or add a some lines of code from a specific line number.

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Update Data Via Userform

Mar 19, 2008

I have a form that allows users to enter details and retrieve details of data already entered. How can I make it so users can update the data in the subform?

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Run Macro From Command Button In Userform - Display Msgbox At The End Of Macro

Apr 17, 2014

I have a userform with a command button which fires a macro.

everything works fine so far.

my problem is:

I would like to add a msgbox at the end of the macro which confirmes "successfully completed".

I cannnot simply add the msgbox at the end of the macro. don't know what I'm doing wrong.

(see below)

Private Sub CommandButtonOK_Click().
If Me.OptionButton1.Value = True Then
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("PropertyWorksheet").Range("A1").Value = "Government Securities"
ElseIf Me.OptionButton2.Value = True Then
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("PropertyWorksheet").Range("A1").Value = "Corporate Bonds"


Unload Me

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'run macro
MyMacro1 (adds, hides and deletes various sheets)


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Userform Looks Up Data But Will Not Update To Different Sheet

Aug 18, 2014

I have been playing around with this and are totally baffled,userform service,enter pl094 in combobox1 ,first part looks up sheet1 and works well.

If I change overhauled date it changes on sheet1 ,but will not write to sheet repairs,has done in the past as you can tell from entries, have tried irow and c.row but for some reason will not write any more entries.

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Userform: Lookup, Add Data, Then Update

Dec 11, 2006

I have made this userform.

What i want to be able to do is select an item from combobox (comboCPM) and then be able to check off some or all of the checkboxes then up date that line items record.

Check box value can be a "x" or "true" dont really care.

I have gone though the combox excercise at, but when I try to use that logic in my spread sheet I get nothing in my drop down... just blank spaces

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Userform To Control Macro Features. Macro = Search For File Type

Jan 26, 2009

I have a macro that I found somewhere on the net to look within a folder and list all the files of a certain file extension.

The macro to do this is in the attached example and is called 'Get_File_Names_Within_Dir_ext'.

I have created a basic userform outline, 'UF1' for the user to define:
Select File Extension
Select Folder to Search
Destination Sheet

I just don't have any idea how to sync the two.

If you type 'exe' into 'TB1_File_Extension' of 'UF1' the macro should search for '*.exe' files within the specified folder.

The search folder 'RefEdit1' box should open a windows explorer box (or some such) so that the user can select the directory in which to search for the previously specified file extension.

'TB2_Destination_Sheet' is a text box for the user to type the sheet within the workbook in which to list the files found within the specified directory.

'CB1_Find_Files' should activate the macro to find any files for the specified criteria.

There is also a Button 'Find File Types' in Sheet1 of the file which should activate the userform 'UF1'.

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Userform Button To Update Edited Data?

Sep 13, 2013

I have been working on a userform for entering in and editing data in a spreadsheet, but I'm stuck with the code for updating the edited data.

I have two pages on the Userform, one for adding a new entry, and one for editing an existing entry.

On the page for editing an existing entry, I have a combobox that displays information in the text boxes based the selection. What I need to be able to do is click save once I have made changes to the information in the text boxes and then have that information saved in the spreadsheet.

I have figured out all of the other buttons in the userform, but I am struggling with this last one. Here is my spreadsheet with some sample information entered in : ExcelFile.xls

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Code To Update Specific Data Via UserForm

Aug 20, 2006

I have a sheet with names and subdividers (Ent, Ver) on the columns, and dates on the rows. I am trying to make a form update the sheet when the name, ent or ver, and date match. I have attached a copy of my sheet to help explain that. I don't know much vba, but I can make a userform just fine. Trouble with most places is that the userforms only update based on empty cells, not based on more complex criteria.

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Display Data On Userform?

Jun 10, 2004

Here to ask for a simple code on how can i display information on a user form once entered from an input box.


1 E12858 Jorge Stregan
2 E112859 Rose Ann


Display all data in a row in userform once any data in A1 entered in input box.

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Display Data On Userform

Jun 12, 2007

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

'ReviewFormlabel.Caption = "This is a Test" 'this line WILL display on the form

ReviewFormlabel.Caption = Sheets("Punches"). Range("A1:G17") 'I get a type mismatch error 13 here

End Sub

What I am trying to do is, display the worksheet data on a user form. This is for display only. The user will NOT be able to change any of the data.

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Display Data Using Label On Userform

Nov 27, 2008

anyone know how to display data using label on userform? I tried using offset but it doesnt work. The data I want to display is in column G. How do i go about that?

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Display Data From Columns Into Userform?

Jun 12, 2014

how to go about displaying data from seperate columns onto an userform. The optimal objective is for me to use multiple command buttons to display each individual column's data onto the userform.

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UserForm / Macro To Search And Create New Sequential Reference?

Jun 4, 2014

Every new file I create is named with a sequential reference based on some criteria:


So, in my worksheet I have several columns with package names: LABK, LAVO, LACR… and on the rows I have the file names.

I have this UserForm I created Search.JPG

Basically (despite I imagine it’s not that simple), when I type the package name and the place as follows, for example

Package = LABK
Place = SAO

After clicking on “Generate” button, it should look for all file names containing LABK and SAO, verify what the last sequential number is (highest/MAX) and generate a new one in the text box below the button.So, if the last file name is LABK_(SAO005), it’ll generate a new one as LABK_(SAO006).

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Display Chart In Userform Using Access Data?

May 28, 2014

I am using Access as a backend and Excel as a frontend for my project. Now I have to display a chart in the userform using data from Access database .

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How To Make Userform Search Data

Mar 11, 2012

I am trying to get my userform to search a worksheet for data.

In "A" I have a vehicle name (Audi, BMW etc) these names occur more than once

In "B" I have the vehicle model.


Audi A3
Audi A4
Audi A6

I would like to be able to have a command button on my userform (preferable one for each vehicle type) that the user can click on to then add the list of relevant vehicle models into a combo box.

i.e Click on the Audi command button and the combo box displays all the models in "B" that have Audi in "A"

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Search / Edit Data With Userform

Jun 12, 2013

I'm coming along nicely with my user form. My last issue was trying to get it to search/recall data from the "Data" tab. This works perfectly when only 1 record is found, and if multiple line items are found, a message box pops up and tells me how many records are found that meet the criteria. However, I am now struggling to get the code to work properly to past the details of those records into the list box, so that the user can select which record they want to edit.

I get a Run-Time Error '1004' Application-Defined or Object-Defined error and it points to the section in red:

Sub FindAll()
Dim strFind As String 'what to find
Dim rFilter As Range 'range to search
Set rFilter = Worksheets("Data").Range("E3", Range("h65536").End(xlUp))
Set Rng = Worksheets("Data").Range("E3", Range("e65536").End(xlUp))
strFind = Me.cbosearch.Value

[Code] ...........

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Search And Insert Data Userform

Mar 22, 2007

I currently have a search and insert data userform which finds specific data from the textbox and displays the results in a listbox. Then I can select a specific result in the listbox and insert this data into a selected worksheet row. The problem is that the userforms code is out-of- date, i have changed to workbook to a point that the userform doesn't work properly. What i need is a new userform that can do the same thing but with the code simpler to change in case of new updates. Here is some information what is needed:

The data that userform gets information from is on a different Workbook called Database.xls, Worksheet called Data and the Range is A:E. The Data is Product Information which is in the Columns A to E:

A = Product Number (The format is 000-000-00)
B = Product Name (No format is Text)
C = BA (The Format is 00)
D = Price (The Format is �0.00)
E = PQTY (The Format is General)

The Textbox needs to be able to search two different Columns A and B and also their representing formats. For example able to search for the product name or number which formats are 000-000-00 or 00000000. The Listbox needs to show the Datas formats like 000-000-00 and � 0.00. The Insert button needs to insert a selected row from the lisbox results and insert the Product Number from that row into a selected worksheet row cell which is in Column J. This is the existing code and example.xls if you want some more information on what i need:

Private Sub cmdInsert_Click()
Dim X As Long, ws As Worksheet, i As Long, ii As Integer
Set ws = ActiveSheet
ws.Unprotect ("seasons")
With ActiveSheet
X = ActiveCell.Row
End With
With Me.ListBox1
For i = 0 To .ListCount
If .Selected(i) Then
ws.Cells(X, 10) = .List(i, 0).............

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