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Tuesday, December 19, 2017 by Kurac

Bailey Loves Fantasy Phonesex


Well, hey there. I’m Bailey. Super cute, blonde, blue-eyed and ready to get you off with the best fantasy phonesex?

Young and love to giggle but can take that fat cock of yours in every hole. I must confess that I am a bit of a slut and have blown all of my guy friends! Hehe oopsie.

I just can’t help it, the thought of all those throbbing dicks with no one to help them get off is just so sad! So, I need to help them out as much as I can.

I love to swallow and never waste a single drop. I also play with girls. They are so yummy and soft.

I love being spanked so hard that I can’t sit down the next day. Just imagine me being a bad girl and you bending me over your knee and pulling my little Jean shorts and cute cotton panties down revealing my tight little ass. You pull your arm back as I cry for you not to and you swing down with all your might, and when your hand meets my ass it lets out a thunderous SMACK… I flinch and scream with tears in my eyes but I’m biting my lip so you know that I want more. Please daddy.

I love hearing a demanding voice on the other end of my phone line. It makes me feel so naughty when I’m on my knees begging for you to pet me and make me suck you dry. Gagging on a delicious, throbbing cock is one of my favorite things. But, if you want me to be gentle we can do that. I can make it as dirty and hard as you want or as gentle and passionate as you want.

It’s all up to you. It is your fantasy and I want to hear all about it and listen to you cum as I finger my tight pussy and ass.

Some people look at me and think I’m that cute little giggling cheerleader from the country. Oh, baby, I am so much more than that! I love to go camping and play outside. And, a little secret, I love fantasy! Dragons, elves, vampires, demons, werewolves. Nerdy things are sexy to me. You can talk to me about how much you love to wank to girls every chance you get or your lawful good paladin who never commits a crime and saves everyone with his mighty great sword.

It’s all sexy to me and makes me dripping wet: Anal, Blowjobs, Fantasy Roleplay, Vampires, Mutual Masturbation, Oral, Spanking, Switch, Bratty Teen, Humiliation, Nerdy Things, Naughty Confessions, Werewolves, BDSM, Cum Slut, GFE, Golden Shower, Age Play, Titty Fucking, Bisexual, Knife Play, Choking and Slapping, Cum Guzzling, Fantasy Phonesex.

So, whether you want me to be your blonde little cheerleader princess who wants nothing than to take you deep inside her or you want me to be your sexy scantily clad elven princess from the woodlands.  Hope to hear from you and hear you cum just for me.

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