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My underage sex story.2005-11-05 18:47:49Reply

Anyway, this whole story starts at 8pm lats night.

I was hanging around with some of my friends and we walked down to the local Tesco Extra to check out some CD's and DVD's and maybe get a six pack of RedBull.
So we're walking around, and this girl who i've known for a few weeks and got pretty close within that time period starts clutching onto my arm as we walk, and she compliments me on my bicep muscles. As she did, our eyes met and i knew there and then, this is the girl i want, and she knew it...

So we leave Tesco, +1 CD and 0 RedBull, and she's still clutching my arm tightly and we're talking on multiple subjects, and im making her laugh, and she seems very warmed to me. So i decide to go in and give her a kiss on the lips, she accepted the kiss. Then i slipped my tounge into her mouth, she seemed to enjoy this more, as i put my hands around her hips, we both stopped and had a good snog in the drizzling rain.
After 4 minutes, we carried on walking, with my hand around her hip and her arm around my side, and my friends decided to go back to watch a film at thier house..We proceeded on.

As we arrived at my friends house, around 9.05pm now, all six of us went into his room and popped int he film Dream Catcher, not very romantic i know, but still a good film none-the-less. So, we all pull out a few doubves and all relax on his floor, her resting on my arm, while watching the film. About one quater through the film, i felt some movement bellow my waist. Her hand had slipped into my jeens and she was softly massaging my penis, first this startled me, and i roughly moved and kind of caught the skin on her arm, i said sorry and she replied with an evil smile. She thrusted her hand back down there, this time me being willing, and she squeezed my nob hard with no sign in stop, i realised the only way for her to stop was to bone.

After i done so, she quietly un-buttoned my jeens and slowly jacked me off, the sences going through me we're amazing, i hadn't felt this way about a girl before. As i creamed, she took her hand out and and stuck her tounge in my mouth, we snogged for 5 minutes, and she randomly said she had to go. As she went, she licked her lips and mouthed the words "Follow me..". I did so, and i told my friends i had a headache and had to leave, i followed her to her house, she invited me in, i sat on the settee and the clock said 9.40pm. She told me to wait for her to go freshen up, i saw this as a chance to steal some deoderant i found in a small Avon box by the TV and used the deoderant..It smelt nice, atleast.

She called me 5 minutes later to help her upstairs.
I went up, slowly, i knew what was coming, literally. I walked in her room, the lights we're turned off, she told me to turn them on, as i did, i saw her beautiful naked body lying there on her bed. She walked up to me, and took off my shirt, feeling my body as she did, admiring my strong body for all it's worth. She then took of my jeens and pants at the same time, as she was on her knees, she blew me, with such a great feeling, my back hit the door hard, and she persisted to suck. THen she stood up, clenching onto my hard on and leeding me to the bed, we then had sex in missionary position, it was great. She moaned as i stuck it in her, and she moaned all the way until i finished. we then fell asleep.

I then walk feeling horrible pain bellow my waist, i felt sick and cryed with agony as i rose. I opened my eyes, to see her father tower over my, he had driven a knife into my nob, and cut it clean off, i was screaming witht he pain. I could not understand his incoherant screeming as he was punching my head, he had then picked me up, and thown me out the window, naked. It was 4am, as far as i could tell, i staggered off, and attempted to find some clothes, as i entered one garden, the security light went off, and a man of medium height came out, "Holy shit! Im gunna call an ambulance!". 10 minutes later, i was wisked away to hospital, still in pain. I could hear the paramedics telling me all would be okay. We arrived at the large gloomy hospital, and the pain went numb, i entered a part of the hospital, and fainted instantly.

I awoke to the sight of my mother crying in the corner and my dad asking me if i was alright, i answered and asked what the time was, he answered with 8am, "I heared about what happened son..." he said. "So, whats your verdict?".
He stared at me for a few seconds and muttered the words with a smile, "...Welcome to manhood son".

Funny what can happen in 12 hours, eh?