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Muslims seeking friendship

  • Hadiza30

    "Looking for someone special"

    Sydney, Australia Turkish/Australian - Muslim (other)


    "Join me on the road to Jannah"

    Hangzhou, China Somalian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Marya28

    "Beautiful on the inside and outside"

    Port Louis, Mauritius Mauritanian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Muhammadbilal28

    "Let's be friends first"

    Melbourne, Australia Pakistani - Muslim

  • Hawa60

    "Beautiful on the inside and outside"

    Edmonton (AB), Canada Burundian/Tanzanian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Aehtshawm23

    "Looking for my soul mate"

    Lahore, Pakistan Pakistani - Muslim (sunni)

  • MysteryGal21


    Gloucester (ON), Canada Somalian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Alraeesi28

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Sharjah, UAE Emirati - Muslim (sunni)

  • minoo19

    "i’m awsome,r u?"

    Tehran, Iran Iranian - Muslim

  • Mohamed Sofien27

    "Looking for a lovely lady"

    Houston (TX), USA Tunisian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Afifa26

    "Beautiful on the inside and outside"

    Safi, Morocco Moroccan - Muslim (sunni)

  • AliHbibi18

    "A sensor seeking the sensitive Love and religious wife forever !"

    Los Angeles (CA), USA Pakistani - Muslim

  • Nutellina33

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Kuwait City, Kuwait Italian/Egyptian - Muslim

  • Faysal24

    "Let's start our journey together"

    Poznań, Poland Bangladeshi - Muslim (sunni)

  • Asma21

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Ariana, Tunisia Tunisian - Muslim

  • hussain30

    "Looking for someone special"

    Karachi, Pakistan Pakistani - Muslim

  • Sitinz27

    "Let's be friends first"

    Singapore, Singapore Singaporean - Muslim (sunni)

  • Dena28

    "Let's start our journey together"

    Izmir, Turkey Iranian - Muslim

  • habibihabibi34

    "Let's be friends first"

    Bangkok, Thailand Malaysian - Muslim (sunni)

  • LAHCEN26

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Casablanca, Morocco Moroccan - Muslim

  • Cahaya29

    "Astaghfirullah...Alhamdulillah...In Shaa Allah"

    Singapore, Singapore Singaporean - Muslim

  • Hassan26

    "Let's be friends first"

    Braunschweig, Germany Lebanese - Muslim (shia)

  • Rayane18

    "Looking for someone special"

    Algiers, Algeria Algerian - Muslim (sunni)

  • AbdouKeba27

    "Note: Dear fake people ... keep walking plz"

    Constantine, Algeria Algerian - Muslim (sunni)

  • jacqueline61

    "Vivacious,and caring marinating lady"

    Luton, UK British - Muslim

  • shafz43

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Chennai, India Indian - Muslim

  • sevginar25

    "Looking for love"

    Istanbul, Turkey Turkish - Muslim

  • Husa27

    "Let's be friends first"

    Tangier, Morocco Moroccan - Muslim

  • Rose36

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Georgetown, Malaysia Malaysian - Muslim (sunni)

  • ashbb42

    "Let's be friends first"

    London, UK Ghanaian - Muslim (sunni)

  • noorayasemin45

    "Look for true friends someone who value real values life from inside us not outside"

    Šibenik, Croatia Turkish/Jordanian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Ebrahymm32

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Accra, Ghana Ghanaian - Muslim

  • Maryam39

    "Someone to complete my deen"

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzanian - Muslim

  • Alawwal37

    "Genuine guy looking for genuine girl"

    Lagos, Nigeria Nigerian - Muslim

  • Maryam18

    "Let's be friends first"

    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Omani - Muslim (sunni)

  • toganlucian21

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Bucharest, Romania Romanian - Muslim (sunni)

  • nadia48

    "Friendship to start with and will see how it goes"

    Reading, UK Moroccan - Muslim

  • khan28

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Kabul, Afghanistan Afghan - Muslim (sunni)

  • Intanamandita24

    "Instead of looking for friendship, wish can expand networking"

    Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesian - Muslim

  • Ruban27

    "Let's be friends first"

    London, UK Pakistani - Muslim

  • Bashira29

    "Marriage, inshaAllah"

    Kaduna, Nigeria Nigerian - Muslim

  • Yasir22

    "Looking to meet new people"

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysian - Muslim (sunni)

  • Hanane25

    "Looking for love"

    Agadir, Morocco Moroccan - Muslim (sunni)

  • Monis28

    "Looking for a lovely lady"

    Indore, India Afghan - Muslim (sunni)

  • Sam45

    "Looking for a great guy"

    Nottingham, UK British - Muslim (other)

  • Mohamed36

    "Mint tea for two"

    Birmingham, UK Somalian/Yemeni - Muslim (sunni)

  • Zeinab29

    "Let's make du'a together"

    Busia, Kenya Somalian/Kenyan - Muslim (sunni)

  • Mohammad37

    "Beautiful inside and outside"

    Comilla, Bangladesh Bangladeshi - Muslim

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