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Monday, October 09, 2017 by Bone

Sex Chat Questions To Ask A Girl

Minos : I’d approach that like you would in real life and in person. It’s not so much different even though it is in a Sex Chat Room. Women want to be respected and cared about. That want to laugh and have a good time, with the smallest of things that women appreciate from a man. The things that show her he listens to what she says and isn’t just after the Sex. Even though it’s got the title of SEX’s still men and women….and Human interaction.


Hades: one thing to keep in mind, and I’m sorry if this offends any woman that reads this… but, it IS true. A man falls in love with what he “SEES.”  A woman, falls in love with what she “HEARS.”  Tell a woman what she WANTS to hear, don’t say “show your tits”  or “wanna see my dick?”  With a FEW simple words, you CAN get the woman to TALK to you, and carry on a conversation. Trust me guys, it WORKS!!!!! 😉


Muskaan: I often think of sex as an interview for work. For a job, you read the description, you like the job, you try to make a great impression and count your lucky stars and hope to hear from them again. For a girl, it’s more like flagging down her attention with witty charm, common ground, or good looks, but the basis is the same. You find out what she likes, then you figure out if that’s a good fit for you, if her needs match your needs then expectations, or mutual agreements are made, thus begins a relationship, sexual, business, personal, or otherwise. Sexual relationships aren’t complicated, only people are, so spend a little more time listening and go the extra mile to make that initial interaction special. Find your best fit today.


Master Zeus : 

  • Respect all ladies first.
  • Ask about HER and how SHE feels about sex.
  • What kind of partner would she need to share her sexual feelings with?
  • What turns her OFF? (this one MIGHT want to be asked first) What turns her ON?

ZEN : First get to know her, maybe you don’t have to ask all the mundane questions like trying to go on a date, but it would help figure out if the pair are compatible or if things will fall apart right away. A good question would be to ask what are turn ons and offs, so as to avoid anything awkward. Generally, demanding is a HUGE thing that most of the ladies don’t like, so if you want any chance of them talkin’ to ya, don’t demand. And don’t harass or whine and cry if you’re turned down or blocked. It happens, so just move on. 🙂


Glitter : Approaching women correctly in a Sex Chat can be difficult.. Especially when you’re thinking with your lower brain. While looks can be important to some, your words are too. Using the correct approach could really get you noticed. Jump into a conversation (with positive input, try and stay away from the negative) compliment the females, and not just about their obvious female parts. Pay attention to what she (The female you have set your eyes on) is interested in. Pay attention to HER interests that could be similar to yours. The conversations that she takes place in. Conversations that catch her eye, could possibly help you spark one up and YOU could be the one she sets her sight on. While we all know why MOST people come here, remember, not every female is up for a “whoever” cam.. Some want to have a connection, respect, and good conversation before they decide whether they want to get naked or not. Overall, be a normal person. Talk like a normal person. Find similar interests. Avoid saying “Show tits” “My cock huge”, because that’s a good way the females might ignore, or even block you. Simple steps to help you have an easier time at Zozo! Happy chatting! Xoxo


Note : Please share your comments below in the comments section. Let’s teach all new youngsters  how to talk with girls.