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Behind every successful actor and actress is a very talented agent.  These agents help celebrities land roles, book appearances, and make sure that they stay relevant in a world where people are constantly coming and going.  Having a well-known and well-respected agent is almost essential in the success of someone hoping to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. In the cut-throat entertainment industry, it can be very helpful to have someone who has your back – even if you have to pay them for it. Throughout the years, some of these agents have become so successful that they created client lists that include some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Here are 10 of the most popular Hollywood agents in the beginning.

10. Cindy Osbrink

Cindy Osbrink of the Osbrink Agency has worked with a variety of clients during her more than 20 year career.  The Osbrink Agency prides itself on “”developing” many of the most famous young faces in TV and Film.”  Osbrink has worked with artists on shows such as The Walking Dead, Empire, and Black-ish.

9. Fred Spektor

Spektor, who works for the Creative Arts Agency, has enjoyed a very long and very successful career.  Now in his 80s, Spektor has represented some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman. Spektor says that when he first began his career as an agent, he made just $1 per hour; however, his love for his work is what kept him going and allowed him to reach new heights.  When asked about the secret to his success, Spektor stated: ” ‘I simply love what I do. Why shouldn’t I? For other people, their fun is to go to a movie, a play, a sporting event… that’s my work. I like the people I represent, who I am very loyal to, and I like the people I work with. I’m lucky that some of them have the idea that having someone around with life experience lends gravitas but the truth is I’m learning more from them and getting more from this experience.”

8. Theresa Peters

In 2008, Theresa Peters joined the United Talent Agency (UTA) as a partner.  Throughout her career, Peters’ clients have included Kirsten Dunst, Joshua Jackson, and James McAvoy. Peters, who has been working in the field for almost 20 years, got her start at UTA’s rival company, William Morris.

7. Jim Wiatt

Agent Jim Wiatt’s career has had its ups-and-downs over the years.  Once a power player at the William Morris agency, Wiatt was “run out-of-town” when the company merged with Endeavor Talent Agency.  However, Wiatt’s talents as an agent certainly cannot be denied as he has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names throughout the years.  Wiatt’s talent roster has included Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, and 50 cent.

6. Jeremy Zimmer

United Talent Agency’s chief executive and co-founder, Jeremy Zimmer has made quite the name for himself over the years.  Zimmer, who got his start working in the mailroom at William Morris, says that positivity and hard work are what have helped him achieve success over the years. Zimmer also says that part of his development has included “starting to know what I don’t know, and to stop thinking I’m a genius.”

5. Sharon Sheinwold [Jackson]

Sharon Sheinwold, once a partner at the United Talent Agency, has often been regarded as one of the most powerful female agents in the industry.  Although her clients have included several funny famous people such as Jack Black and Jason Siegel, Sheinwold is notoriously considered very serious.  Sheinwold is also known to read more than a dozen scripts each weekend, and is constantly on the lookout for new comedic talent.

4. Tracey Jacobs

Tracey Jacobs, partner at the United Talent Agency, is another one of the best-known and most powerful female agents in the business. Jacobs currently works with several A-list celebrities including Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Harrison Ford.

3. Kevin Huvane

Kevin Huvane, a managing partner at Creative Artists Agency, is well-known for being flashy and outgoing.  Huvane has represented several well-known Hollywood stars including Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock.  Huvane is known for maintaining great relationships with his client, and in 2012, several of his famous clients shared some of their favorite memories with Huvane.

2. Richard Lovett

Agent Richard Lovett, one of the most powerful agents in the industry, has had an extremely successful career since moving to Los Angeles from Milwaukee when he was 22 years-old.  Over the years, Lovett’s clients have included Steven Spielberg, Tobey Maguire, and Nicholas Cage.  Lovett, who has been described as, “driven but he’s not only driven,” is also credited with “softening” agency industry’s image.

1. Ari Emanuel

Ari Emanuel, the inspiration for Entourage’s Ari Gold, is perhaps the most powerful and best-known agent of recent times. He is currently a talent agent and co-ceo of the William Morris Agency where he began working in 2009 when his previous company, Endeavor Agency merged with Morris.  Emmanuel has worked with several high-powered clients including Vin Diesel and Mark Wahlberg.

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