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Which East Asia Culture And Country
For Dating Would Suit You Better?

Moving to Asia soon and wonder which East Asia culture would suit you better?

Contrary to what your friends in the West think - Asian dating culture isn't as conservative (or as open) as you'd think.  In fact your world will turn upside down once you understand how your dating life will depend on the culture AND the social expectations.

Get a quick look at the conservativeness of
 • North-Eastern countries like Japan and Korea

 • Eastern countries like Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

 • South Eastern  countries like Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia

Get a quick idea of what it's like to date in this part of the world and decide for yourself if you'd like to move here.

So which one(s) are the most conservative and which ones aren't?

After living in Asia for 7 years and visiting Asia from Japan to Cambodia:  this is what I've found.

East Asia Culture is Most Conservative Here

In my opinion the most conservative countries (in terms of culture and social expectations) are

 • Korea
 • Indonesia
 • Laos
 • Mainland China

If you date Asian women from these places in their countries you can expect a lot of social resistance.  You'll have a harder time having your dates accept your more 'liberal' standards for dating. 

Pre-marital sex or even being seen with you in these countries can be trouble.  Korea is nationalistic and is having a hard time accepting intercultural relationships.

Indonesia is a muslim country which may affect your choices.  Laos actually has laws in place to prevent intercultural dating!  In China there hasn't been much 'open relationship' education. Many Chinese women you'll meet (unless you're in the Tier 1 cities) will expect you to marry them if you even have sex.

So if these are the most conservative - what's a step away from the 'strict dating scene'?

East Asia Culture Is Not As Conservative Here

If you date in these places you might come across the conservative culture.  That being said the people within the country are more socially open to intercultural and premarital dating and sex.  These places are

 • Cambodia
 • Taiwan

 • Japan

 • Thailand
Being with someone in these countries may be a challenge culturally.  That being said socially the locals won't care that much. In Cambodia the locals are just getting used to seeing foreigners again.

Most women live in such poor conditions and view expats as upper-class that they'll be open to dating you (and more.)

To the right is a cute Asian woman I was dating while in Phnom Penh. 

She didn't ask for money or anything. 

She liked the value (and status) I gave her...or that is my take and I may be wrong.  I got to enjoy her company and learn about Cambodia through our dating experience.

In Taiwan the locals have gotten used to Western (more 'American' really) dating culture.  Taiwanese ladies are open to dating and having relationships with you.  Culturally it's still conservative as it follows Chinese culture.  Socially the locals are fine with intercultural romance.

Japanese people in general are open to their single women having fun and doing what they want.  Granted - once they get married there are conservative cultural expectations that they must meet.

Thailand is a contradicting country.  We all hear about how "easy" Thai women are.  In reality if you dig deeper you'll find another story.  Thai culture is among the most conservative. 

If you want to date a "high status" Thai (white skin, looks Chinese) you might have to accept a more conservative culture.  If you want to date the tanner skinned Thais then it's a different story.  You are perceived as "high status" in their eyes and if they like you (and the social 'bump') they're open to dating.  

Note: I didn't make the rules.  I just report what has been my experience living in Asia and watching East Asia cultures for dating in action.  

If you are from Asia (or live here) then please share your opinion below.

What if you want to date in Asia and have it be as close as possible to culturally dating 'back home'?

Where Dating in Asia is and Back Home Is Similar

There are places where your dating experience will be similar to what you're used to.  These places are

 • Hong Kong

 • Singapore

In fact in these countries you can even date in English without a problem.  When I lived in Hong Kong I didn't even have to learn Cantonese.  Granted it's always good to ask yourself if it's worth learning an East Asian language while in the Orient.

These places are such cultural mixes that you have to be open minded about intercultural dating and relationships.

You can always find out for yourself what Hong Kong dating is like.

Do You Have to Deal With East Asia Culture?

If you're living in the Orient then you'll have to deal with it…or do you?  Check out for yourself if you have to learn any Asian languages and cultures.

In any case now you have an idea of what you can expect when you come here.  Whatever happens there are always exceptions to the rules.  If you know what you prefer and what you like you will find what you want…eventually.

Of course you can make it happen faster by moving where it's more convenient for you.

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