With college no education a dating man close home

Tuesday, December 05, 2017 by Manyi

I wouldn’t date any woman who didn’t have at least a bachelors degree. I don’t care if they are unemployed or not. But if you date a woman with an associates or no degree that’s a sign they are lazy and unmotivated. – Peter


Just because a woman only has an associate’s degree does not necessarily mean that she is lazy or unmotivated. It could simply mean that she came from a poor family that couldn’t afford to pay for any of her college. There are plenty of hard-working intelligent women who work hard at their jobs and don’t spend their free time at bars or partying. An ex-girlfriend of mine was a legal secretary and only had an associate’s degree. However, she was making decent money and good at what she did. She eventually did get her bachelor’s degree in her late-30s while taking night school. She was anything but lazy. If you are going to assume that anyone without a bachelor’s degree is lazy, why not take this a step further and make the assumption that someone with a bachelor’s degree in a relatively “easy” or less-demanding discipline, such as communications, is also lazy? – Kurt


How about I shouldn’t date anyone w/o a masters degree since have a masters. I should assume bachelors degrees are lazy too! Thanks for the idea Kurt. And your ex gf is a loser btw, if she was fired from her legal sec job what are her options in life?? Work as a cashier? Great backup plan. The unemployment rate is far higher w/o a degree, this is 2011 not 1981…if you are going to the workforce you better be prepared and your ex is obviously not interested in being prepped for work. She’s prepped for getting some lame ass high school type job while Mr Right steps in and gives her all she needs. Total lazy bozo! – Peter


A while back, I was reading an article written by an entrepreneur. The piece was about how, in some cases, street smarts and drive are just as good if not better than a college education. The author of the essay is a business owner who never went to college. It’s not clear if they started school and left or just never went at all. In any case, the story rubbed me the wrong way. Namely because the writer launch a few gently jabs here and there at those with Ivy MBA’s.

Listen. You didn’t go to college. That’s cool. Maybe money was an issue. Maybe you just didn’t think it was for you. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t automatically make someone lazy or stupid. However…people don’t just get accepted in to Ivy League schools or MBA programs or Law School out of luck. That takes a tremendous amount of discipline and drive and commitment and sacrifice. So, howsabout we show a tad more respect for the way they applied themselves and the work and effort they made to stay in those schools instead of letting  a huge, gaping chip on our shoulder speak for us, hmm?

If I were hiring for a position and I had two candidates to choose from, and one was a college graduate fresh out of school and one was a “successful” entrepreneur with no college background, I’d choose the person with the degree. Want to know why? Because the college experience isn’t just about book smarts. It’s also about being exposed to other ways of thinking, other cultures and other lifestyles. In short, it’s about being well rounded. For someone to get in to any school and to stay there requires discipline and hard work. At least with a college degree you can back up said experience with transcripts and grades. Hard evidence of the work performed. You’ll rarely see an entrepreneur turn over their financials or books. You’ll just hear them say how successful they are or will point to their media mentions. Well, unless I can get a copy of your tax returns, it’s just empty words to me. Business is about making money. It’s not about how much press you get or your Twitter Klout score. If the only people talking about you are people with a vested interest in your business, and there’s little word of mouth marketing on your actual knowledge or skills, I question just how “successful” an entrepreneur/business really is.

/end rant.

Obviously, I value education. I’m the daughter of a teacher, from a family of teachers. The importance of education has been drummed in to my brain since I was a wee lass. So, of course, I consider education – or the value of education – a desirable quality in a partner. At the very least, we have to share a common belief that education is important.

I tend to agree with Peter that if someone is going to go for an Associates degree, they might as well go for their Bachelor’s. Every time I hear Matt Damon say he’s just a credit or so shy of his degree from Harvard, I wince just a tiny bit. Dude…Harvard. Oscar Schmoscar. Finish your degree.

Now, would I turn someone down if they didn’t have a degree? No. But they’d have to demonstrate to me that they don’t have some myopic or small minded world view. That, to me, is more important than their earning potential.

How about you? Would you date someone who didn’t have a college degree of a Bachelor’s or higher? Why or why not?


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