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Monday, October 02, 2017 by Sali

There comes a time and age when a single man settles on the fact that the woman he ends up with will have a ready-made family for him. It’s the price we pay for showing up late to the ball; by the time single guy has defeated the work-force, made his bones, and decides on the whole nuclear family bit at 30+, his queen-to-be will have already danced the dance with another man. The bachelor accepts this, tries to look past it for love, and hopefully does a pretty damn good job of snapping into the role once they are married.

Now of course there are many single men who hold out of their Golden Pegasus with no kids, but these guys aren’t exactly successful when it comes to sealing the deal. Baggage has a lot more faces than merely having children with another man, and they find out harshly that the childless woman may be a big baby herself, looking for a “daddy” to buy her things. So men accept the fact that dating women of a certain age will result in children being almost a certainty, so they either date 19 yr old girls, or own up to the reality that their dating prospects will come with a child. Women can have a whole different mentality about this however…

A list of dumb comments made by real women about single fathers…

“If you date a man with children, you can never expect to come first”

Oh grow the f*** up woman, what are you a 2 yr. old with the “coming first” bull? This sounds mad young to me, like something my nightmare of a 22 yr. old ex would cough up. Yet this comment right here is the leading excuse from women as to why they won’t give single dad a chance.

“No woman with an ounce of self respect is going to be happy in this situation”

I want to find this woman when she has a kid and her bitchy ways drives the dad away and she is out trying to look for a dude as a single mom. Just so I can flip the script on her and this bird caliber statement. Wow!

Now, there are some legitimate issues with dating a dude with kids that I can understand. First of all is the evil ex-wife who is the child’s mother, and then there are the dumbass dudes who try and force new-girlfriend to play mommy without any real introduction. There are many ways to say no to single-dad but the list of opinions above this paragraph just read as vile, disgusting and immature – yet I hear it all the time. Sadly it is the way that many single women feel, just ask a dad that’s trying to date.

So why the double standard? How come men are cool about rolling with the punches, dealing with the jackass baby’s father, and playing uncle to a woman’s seed yet the “fairer sex” are unapologetic harpies about it? Let me mess around and have a child whose mother dies, leaving me with sole custody and I know for damn sure that a good percentage of women out there would not even ask about her let alone attempt to date me. 

Single dads I want to hear from you about this bull… are you restricted to dating single moms now, or have you had any luck with childless 30+ woman? I have one homeboy who dates plenty, but the women he talks to almost always have a child of their own. Why is it this way fellas? Are women really this self-centered even when children are involved, or is it one of those femme rivalry things where they want to be the one and only mother in your life?

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Written byGreg Dragon · Editor-In-Chief on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 

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