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“I won't speak for Gillian, but to be totally honest, I taught myself how to act during the first two or three years of the show. I had to go to work and act.”Now, he says, it’s easier. “Regardless of whether I was playing the same guy or not, you must ask yourself why you’re doing it and what you’re trying to accomplish,” Duchovny says.

“With Gillian—and everyone we work with on this show—when we come back, there are things that have happened before that brings up dissociation and memories.

The pair, of course, crack up at the memory.“The thing is, now, we don’t need that sort of motivation,” Duchovny says. Look, we both have love-hate relationships with our characters.

I'm sure Gillian loves and hates Scully, and I know I love and hate Mulder.

Also, as performers, we want different things from the work at hand.

Now it's as though people don't trust science anymore. Although they do believe in something: They believe in conspiracy theories, more than ever, it seems.” So how did Carter deal with the current occupant of the White House as a backdrop?returned to the small screen in 2016 after a 14-year absence from primetime television, it seemed an impossible dream come true for the legions of fans of the franchise.As star David Duchovny told at the time, “I’d assumed it was dead.”It wasn’t.“But, you know, I do think there's also something to the fact that we kind of flip-flopped the gender roles early on, before it was ‘smart,’ or whatever, to do.Mulder was kind of this guy being instinctual, emotional, irrational, while Gillian—Scully—was rational and stoic.They joke and chide each other easily, and finish each other’s thoughts like an old married couple—just the way you’d want them to.So it’s no surprise that the new season of makes use of that chemistry in a way that would have been impossible in the show’s early days.“I was learning how to act in front of the camera,” Duchovny jokes of the show’s early days.“I tell people all the time, it's a little bit of a miracle that David and Gillian have so much chemistry, because when we cast them as individual actors we couldn’t put them in a room together and simply say, ‘Chemistry.’ We just hoped that it would work, and remarkably it did from the moment I first saw them on the first day of shooting in Vancouver in 1993.There was just something there.”“There is a lot of soul there,” Duchovny says, clearly in agreement with Carter.We’re able to create fuller, richer characters and performances not just because we have history, but because the material is really good and we’ve grown as actors.”Carter says the time away from the characters that Duchovny and Anderson have spent on the host of other projects they’ve been associated with—most notably for Anderson—has helped them grow as actors in ways he couldn’t have imagined when the series began, more than twenty years ago. “There were definitely times where I was struggling with Scully, and I was not appreciative of the very essence of who she was because of that fact.” “Mulder is always Mulder, and he has to drive the fucking story. How can he be excited about this stuff every fucking week?But that space away from Mulder and Scully, say Duchovny and Anderson, is precisely what’s made it possible for them to return to the roles.“In the thick of it there were times when I’d call up Chris and I'd say, ‘I don't know how many more ways to be skeptical. It was something that started to drive me crazy,” says Duchovny. ’ We had this rock from Mars joke—based on a scene where Gillian and I were tired, and we were shooting some scene and we had a rock from Mars there—and we were reacting as though it was nothing, because I was like, ‘Every week there's a rock from Mars!