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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 by Axim

Another pico sim date?...Looks awesome, is it going to be for the next pico day or earlier?

Moosh responds:

Not really another sim date but sorta. Hopefully I'll decide to release it sooner than Pico Day (so nobody tries to kill me), but Pico Day would be the reason why I make Pico games heh :P

Looks good, I won't be disappointed.

Moosh responds:

You wont...hopefully...

MOOSH! <:D I love it.

I'll love it even more if you make it before 09' :l :D lol

Moosh responds:

Hehe, I'll try my best ^^

shit to good man!!!

Moosh responds:

:D Thnx


2008-05-21 11:00:13

its an rpg game not a sim date

Moosh responds:

Yep, at least some people know what I'm doing :)


Moosh responds:

xD I love you too haha

ok, the character designs look AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work!


Moosh responds:

I'm glad you like 'em :D

I knew the second areas thing, I saw them in the preview by clicking forward :P, but nice by the looks of it, its worth waiting the year!

Moosh responds:

Heh, I knew someone would try that :P

Nene is awesome.
The locations are lol.

Moosh responds:

Hopefully, that's the good kind of "lol" :P

Sweet! This one looks real cool!

Moosh responds:

I'm glad you think so :D

yes pico sim date is very good i still playing it as i speak make this one soon

Moosh responds:

Hehe, I'll keep working on it.

Nice art man it is not exactly "Whoops" I like it. Hope you can make number 3 keep up the good work love it man!

Moosh responds:

I will keep at it, for you guys :)

Make him go super sayan and eat a pikarchu.

Moosh responds:

...idea noted :P

Who's the blondie?

Moosh responds:

A tankman...I think... >_>

Who says he cancelled the other flashes? I didn't see that anywhere.
And this can't be cancelled, too many people want it, and he's made excellent progress.

Moosh responds:

Lol yeah...I can't cancel this since well...lots of progress and...I'm kinda afraid of the people I would piss off if I did o_o


V intresting ^-^

and about in your other comment how it had the NG info thing.. you could maybe have that turn on and offable (sorry about the made up word ^-^)

and also... when I saw the characters thing Nene and Darnell looked awsome.


and the other girl with pink hair .. is she cycolps sister????lol

Moosh responds:

Haha, does the NG info bother you that much? :P

And hehe, about the person with the pink hair, your guess is close....sorta :P

wait... pink hair, skull.. that reminds me of..

DAD N' ME!!!

Moosh responds:

Hehe, maybe :)


how does pink hair come into dad 'n' me lol

Moosh responds:

Dad n' me characters, are pink, or purple-ish I guess :P

Wow, Here's to you, dude. try your damnedness! Work with it till you find it to be perfection. I'd love to play it sooner but whatever!

If you can though, Add and ENDING to it. Even if it says teh edn that'll be cool.

Whatever though, kudos to ya!

Moosh responds:

Totally dude. There's no way I'm going to miss out on an ending with so much time to work on this.

Also, I've seen the consequences of not making an ending in PSD2 :P

cool looks awesome, you think you can make some small project while working on this?
cause people must be getting eager and if this is gonna come out in a year...well...

Moosh responds:

Yep, I've got hmmm...around 5 projects not including Pico RPG :P

I just need time to work on 'em.

who are the people with the blonde and purple hair?

Moosh responds:

I think it's a Tankman and a Dad n' me character...I'm not completely sure though.

could you atleast give us a playible demo or something?

Moosh responds:

When I get time to put things together. Right now, alot of the game is working but the game is not connected to each piece so that's why I can't make a demo yet.

I've gotta say that I've never been a fan of sim dates but Im looking forward to this 'cause it ain't one. Im looking forward to it... I have patience so I can wait awhile!

Moosh responds:

I hope you have alot of patience :P

nice but who are the other 3 in this picture?

Moosh responds:

I will explain that in another post but they are characters for my other projects.

Pico RPG > Experimental > Legend of the Super Errand Boy > Concious

That's the order :P

will there be a sequal of pico rpg?

Moosh responds:

I think the first one has to come out first :P

heh tankmen

awesome. luv it. But the girl on this pic.. right one.. is she blind? thats kind of spooky but if its your series like ya said before, its gunna be awesome. and PUWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ make it before 2009! 2008 is soooooo long..

woah nice, take all your time if it means having a great pico rpg (but if it can be done before 09 even better :-)

is that new charactor that everyoe thinks is dad n' me. Is she cyclops step-sister, cousin? Girlfriend? plz tell me

uhm who are the other three other then pico?

Okay... Big one here...
Yep, your game is looking awesome at the moment!
And the whole, pink/purple haired cyclops/Dad n' me girl thing, she's not like, one of their daughters or something? Perhaps Cyclops has aged considerably?
So yeh, everything is looking the usual Moosh fabbyness, and they sound like they're all coming along nicely, so er, keep up le grand work!
And on a rather unrelated note, I would've never guessed that you were a higher level than Little-Rena...

Oh, yes, and one more thing, that I forgot O-o
Your display piccy is looking really funky!

hey i realy like your art and flash im looking forward to playing the game i almost beat2 and :3

Pico dating is awesome! there is no dating sim game better than pico dating! when is it coming out? im dying to play it!

I have to say, I'm already pretty impressed by looking at what you've done so far. Maybe it's probably most of your games are awesome. I could wait, but I get a bit pissed off if I have to wait too long XD

Keep up the good work, man.

Whats the RPG about? If it's it's another dam date one i'll kill you lol. And youve done a seiously good job on nene in the character page.

Nice, be looking forward to it!
Only proboably it'll take a LONG time to finish it, hopefully you'll get it done in 2 or 3 months or so.
And for the 3 other characters, will you make it as a cameo for that game?
What's their names anyway?
Just don't make it mature, make it teen (non-nudity, mild text, mild violence, non-adult themes)

I suppose ya all the way Moosh ^-^

WOW! This is amazing!

You've really gone full out throttle on this.

Great Job!

Dude, I alredy made my first post on my Grounds Gold page. Anyway, I'm still looking for my fan club here in the Philippines and it seems like there are so many of them. Good luck, Moosh.

*Keninja thinks in his mind* Yes, finally I found a Filipino in Newgrounds. Hey I think these people here can read my mind.(Don't even think about it)

This is really going to be great especially the characters it's just some of them looks familiar from some series.
The yellow haired one looks like Naruto and that girl with the skull on her head looks like that girl who pop's up in the start of all of Zone-Sama's flashes.
Oh well keep up the good work!

New pico sim date i bet -.- GJ on anime tutorial 2

Cool. The character look cool especially Tank Man I can't wait to play it.

Cool cant wait they all look awsome

Also, what does your little Japanese symbol mean?

Holy shit is that Super Errand Boy?

I love your style, Moosh!

whoa way to reply to every comment! i like that in flash maker. sep fer this one guy... thats a different story though. anyway sounds cool i've been waiting for this fer a while and before pico day would be nice. and i no i'm asking a lot but this year would be cool. when it said "april 2008 (maybe)" i laughed. but then i thought maybe he means that. for some reason i gave a bad review to your second game. it must have been like 2 in the morning er something. i lose my commen sense sometimes when i'm tired. playing zelda at two in da morning is like being raped for me. i cant belive i just saw the preview. lol i was always wondering what u ment by fiffen in the games. well i'm getting side tracked. i hope u can make it soon.

Cool pictures, another RPG?,.... well thats all