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How to Fix Local (GAL) Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook Error 0x80200049

Kathy Brooks | March 15th, 2018 | Error|

“Yesterday, I tried to download local Global Address List (GAL), also known as Offline Address Book but failed. Even after many attempts, I could not download Offline Address Book. Every time, Outlook kept showing me “Error 0x80200049” warning message. Apart from this, my Outlook is functioning absolutely fine. I am looking for a solution to this error. Can anybody tell me how to solve “Local Global Address List not Updating” issue? I will be ever grateful. Thanks.”

To many Outlook users, error code 0x80200049 when Outlook cannot update Global Address Book is a common one. This error occurs when users try to download Offline Address Book in Outlook. Remedial knowledge is required for the users to resolve this Offline Address Book error. In this post, we will learn how to fix “ (GAL ) Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook Error.”

How to Manually Download Offline Address Book

Users can download Offline Address Book (OAB) by following these steps:

  • Establish connection between MS Outlook account and Microsoft Exchange Account.
  • Click on File and then right-click Account Settings.

  • Now click on Download Address Book. You will be able to download OAB easily.

How to Resolve Local Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook Error 0x80200049

This error “Outlook cannot update Global Address Book” usually occurs when your BITS job list is completely occupied i.e., BITS transfer queue is full. So, to fix this issue, BITS jobs queue has to be reset or cleared. Before moving to the solution part, it is necessary to confirm the cause of this error. Here is the way to find out if this error is caused by full BITS job list.

  • Open CMD as the Administrator.
  • Run this command on CMD to check BITS job queue:
< bitsadmin /list >

  • If job queue is more than 50 (>50) then it is the cause of Error 0x80200049.

Once it has been confirmed that BITS job list is responsible for the error, remedial measures can be implemented. As it is mentioned earlier, BITS job list has to be cleared or reset to get rid of this error. The method of clearing and resetting BITS job queue is given here:

1. Run CMD as Administrator.
2. To reset the list, run this command:

<bitsadmin.exe /reset>

3. To clear the list, run this command:

<bitsadmin.exe /reset /allusers>

By now, the Local Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook error should have been resolved. Users will be able to download OAB without any trouble by following the method mentioned earlier in the post.

What happens if Download Address Book Option is Missing

This issue appears when MS Outlook is not connected to Microsoft Exchange server. Connect to MS Exchange to download OAB files. If the problem continues, try to open Outlook in Safe Mode or disable the add-ins.

How to Open MS Outlook in Safe Mode

1. Press Windows + R keys to open “Run” box.
2. Type

<outlook /safe>

in the box and click OK.
3. “Choose Profiles” window will appear on your screen. Choose Outlook from that window and click on OK.
4. If prompted, enter password and click Accept.

How to Disable Add-ins

1. Launch Outlook and click File >> Options>> Add-ins.
2. In the detailed pane named “View and manage Office Add-ins,” there is an option named “Manage”. From its drop-down menu, select COMAdd-ins and then click GO.
3. Click OK. Again go to File and then click Exit.
4. At this stage, you have to restart your system.
5. Click on Start>> Run and then type Outlook in the box.
6. Now, click on File and then Options>> Add-ins.
7. Select COM Add-ins and click GO. Then uncheck all your preferred boxes and click Remove.
8. Finally, click on OK to complete disabling add-ins in your Outlook account.


“Local Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook” is an error frequently encountered by MS Outlook users. As full BITS job list is responsible for error 0x80200049 stating Outlook cannot update Global Address Book, resetting or removing the list is the only remedy. Users can take help of this post and resolve the error by following instructions given here.

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