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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 by Axim

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The Secrets Behind the Best Online Dating Profiles in the World

By Joshua Pompey

Call me over-confident if you must, but I’ve never been one to shy away from the fact that my team writes the best online dating profiles in the world. Over the years, our customer satisfaction and success rates have been about as close to perfection as one could get.

But people always want to know, what exactly do we do that makes our profiles the best online dating profiles in the world?  Well today I am going to answer that question.  Whether you decide to work with one of our professionals, or attempt to write your own online dating profile, the methods I’ve been perfecting for over half a decade can be implemented by anybody.  Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite and most effective strategies.

The best online dating profiles use profile bait

Profile bait is placing a statement or question in your profile that “baits” the reader into sending you a message, providing your audience with an easy opportunity to start a conversation.

For example, instead of just writing in my profile that “I love traveling to Costa Rica,” I would bait the reader into sending me an email by prompting the reader to ask something interesting about my trip. Instead I might write, “I can’t wait to get back to the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica one day (don’t forgot to ask me about my crazy near-death experience zip-lining!)”

This bait sets the reader up for an interesting question to ask, as well as raising his curiosity.  In the fast paced world we live in, many men will move on to the next profile if they can’t instantly think of something to write.  The easier you make it for men to initiate, the more likely they will.

The best online dating profiles are a highlight reel of your past, present, and future

Whether you use our professionals or write your profile on your own, you should always begin the process by writing down all your best personality traits, hobbies, adventures, interests, experiences, and future goals.  Our profile forms ask 27 questions in total.  Once you have mapped out everything that makes you interesting, take the best information to tell a story that any man would want to be a part of.

The best online dating profiles are a highlight reel of everything that makes you amazing, in approximately 400 hundred words or less.   If you can capture that magic in ways that engage, attract, and interest your audience, your results online will be more than you could ever ask for.

The best online dating profiles will ignite an emotional response

A man shouldn’t just learn about you from your profile.  He should also feel something.  The key to igniting an emotional response is understanding the qualities that most men feel a natural attraction towards,  and then highlighting them in ways that draw their attention.

Some qualities most men are attracted to are, include, but are not limited to, appearing open-minded, adventurous, confident, positive, down to earth, well-rounded, goal-oriented, etc.  The more you showcase your best self in ways that reveal these qualities through the written word, the more success you will have.

The best online dating profiles speak directly to your audience

Your profile should make your audience feel as if you are directly speaking to them, the same way someone would feel if you were to engage one on one in a face to face encounter. Doing so will have your audience remembering you long after they log off, and will help create the feelings that you are more than just a description on a computer screen, but rather, an actual person.

In order to effectively accomplish this task, your profile needs to have personality, be playful, possess language that pops off the page, avoid cliches, include questions, and hook the reader from the first word, straight to the very last.  When a man finishes reading your profile he should feel like he already knows you and has a unique connection with you.

The best online dating profiles makes life with you seem like a lifetime of new and amazing experiences

The biggest fear men have with monogamy is that life will eventually revert to a lifetime of repetitive routines.  You need to ease this fear as much as possible.

In every profile I write, I strive to demonstrate that if you date this woman, life will be filled with new and amazing experiences.  Great experiences can come in a variety of packages.  Whether its a love of adrenaline induced adventure, a passion for traveling, having a large array of interests, or simply showcasing that you are open-minded, the more you demonstrate that life with you will be filled with new adventures and experiences, the more men will want to join you on the journey.

Are you ready to have one of the world’s best online dating profiles for yourself?

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