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Thursday, July 12, 2018 by Sanya

Hotwife is a World Wide Phenomenon!

A HOTwife is a woman in an emotionally committed long-term relationship or marriage who has sex with other men with her partner’s knowledge.  She is not sneaking around and having sex behind his back.  Another way to say it is this;

A “hotwife” refers to a woman in a coupled relationship.  A hotwife enjoys sexual encounters with other men other than her partner and her partner wants her to sexually enjoy herself.

He, her husband or significant other is “in-love” with his wife and also encourages her to have sexual fun with other men, but usually, while he’s present, either watching, taking pictures or video.

He’s usually in the same room.The scenario usually looks like this: The husband or partner is highly turned on by his wife’s or female partner’s sexual encounters.

He derives pleasure and arousal from her exercising her sexual freedom.  Images and real-life visuals of her sexual experiences with other men plus her own sexual excitement are extremely arousing to “him”.

A hotwife is usually an exhibitionist for her voyeuristic husband or significant other.  They make the perfect couple.

While at the same time she is always emotionally loyal to him.The hotwife’s husband or significant other usually has no interests in having sex with other women – he is totally sexually loyal to his wife or his “hotwife”.   This is a huge phenomenon happening right now.

Nobody seems to know why it is getting so popular.

The wives and girlfriends are having a great time fucking other men … and any man who happens to fall between the legs of a “hotwife” will get a wonderful treat, indeed.

The Man Who Meets a HOTWIFE Never Has To Worry About a Jealous Husband!

The best part is; never have to worry about some crazy jealous husband – a matter of fact, he’s hoping the man gives her the best fucking ever.   After all, he loves his wife, why wouldn’t he want her to have a great experience?

So, where can you find the right “understanding” man to help you with the “Hotwife” experience?   It’s not always good to pick up strange men at bars or in public.   Most available men like that don’t understand the lifestyle. There are special websites available on the internet that will help introduce you to hundreds of men in your area.  Most of them are fully accepting of your lifestyle.

Join a swinger party near you.  Go here and discover get times, dates and locations.   Just let us know where to send the private passcode.

It’s obviously not difficult for this type of couple to find an understanding man who will fuck his wife . . . but finding a man who will fuck his wife while he watches can be a different story

Plus it must be the right man each time.  The man’s wife must be sexually attracted to the “bull” and he should have the right equipment. (a bull is a man they choose to be with her.)

Plus he must respect the man’s wife, appreciate and be accepting of the couple’s lifestyle. Finding the right man may sometimes be difficult unless you know where to look.  We know a private shopping place for bulls.

How about the “Cuckold” relationship?  Lots of men enjoy it and it works for thousands of couples.

Usually, Hotwifing and “Cuckold” can be considered a little different in the fact that the “cuckold” husband is often into humiliation and allowing his wife to go out on dates.

The “cuckold” husband is often very submissive.  The man with a HOTWIFEusually likes to watch.

Find a “bull” for your hotwife here.  On the right side, there is an email form.  Simply insert your email address.  That’s all.   Or click the link below – it takes you to another form and more info.

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