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Friday, September 22, 2017 by Finn

Simon Helberg is an American television actor and comedian, who made his mark with the role of an Aerospace engineer in the widely acclaimed sitcom, The Big Bang Theory currently in its 7th successive season with much success.  At the age of 26, he finally decided to marry his long-time girlfriend and actor/producer Jocelyn Towne in 2007.

Simon and his wife started dating and got into a relationship publicly for several years before officially taking the oath in an official manner. Their relationship, being one with a lot of limelight and public attention has quite surprisingly been standing tall and strong for 7 years without any kind of controversy that is generally expected from star couples. The fact that Jocelyn is 4 years older to her husband doesn’t seem to have made a difference as their relationship has been as clean as ever.

Simon and Jocelyn never really had any infamous affair and that might have one reason for such a healthy relationship for both. Jocelyn is mostly famous for her acting role as Rachel in the film I am I and also because of the fact that her uncle is Robert Towne, the esteemed screenplay writer and director. The major problem that mostly arises in star couples is when one of the two partners romances another actor/actress on air and Simon is portrayed as being overtly frank and bold in his behavior as the nerdy and geeky Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory who finally ends up marrying actress Mellisa Rauch playing the character of Bernadette. His romancing someone else too doesn’t seem to have created any differences between the two as they seem to be quite happy so far.

Jocelyn and Simon, had their first child on 8th May, 2012 in the form of a daughter named Adeline and their second, a son earlier this year on 23rd April 2014 whose birth was kept under wraps till June for no apparent reasons except keeping away shutterbugs from the mom and her little boy, subsequently named Wilder Towne Helberg. Apparently, Simon announced about the birth of Wilder and even joked publicly that he and his spouse ended up making two films and two babies in the span of two years. They had even appeared at the red carpet earlier, with Jocelyn posing with her gradually growing baby bump along with Simon.

In an interview quite some time ago, he had apparently confessed to have broken up with his girlfriend Jocelyn since he wanted to start a relationship afresh. After Jocelyn moved to Paris where she is reported to have met another man, was then followed by Simon who brought her back to the US before giving his proposal for marriage! His professional life though seems to be taking a turn as rumors have surfaced about his displeasure over being handed contracts with the pay being significantly lower to the main cast of The Big Bang Theory. Apparently, their marital life does not suffer from problems whatsoever and unlike many other star couples of this era, there isn’t even a rumor of divorce or separation!

Simon and wife Jocelyn though seem to be happier than ever with their 2 babies.