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Sunday, September 10, 2017 by Axim

Merely known to the world as Richard Cypher from the supernatural adventure series Legend of the Seeke, the hot Australian actor Craig Horner proved to be one of the sensational stars of all time. Starting his acting voyage as an Australian Teen icon, Horner slowly developed into acclimatized actor and garnered much worthy global stardom. With his interesting characterization, Horner continuously amused the world and brought smile in every audience faces. Born on January 24, 1983 in Brisbane, Queensland Craig grew up being a resourceful child. During his tenure, he got to perform in drama The Maids and A Midsummer Night's Dream under school production and since then he decided to become an established actor. Horner joined St. Peters Lutheran College located within her hometown in Brisbane. Besides being a superb actor, he is a talented musician too and has been part of band Earth for Now.

After his graduation, he went to Sydney to pursue his career in acting. At short intervals, he had several roles in television series. Horner received calls from various production houses too. In 2001, he made his film debut with the movie Cyber girl. With certain recognition through the movie, Horner was offered for the role in comedy drama "Blurred" and in "Swimming Upstream". He constantly experimented with different roles and got to improvise more in his acting skills. Later, he landed for a role in prime time romantic drama Monarch Cove back in 2006. He wandered the world with his suspense thriller See No Evil released within the same year. Horner garnered much more female attentions when he came up with the drama series H20: Just Add a Water and Blue Water High in its third season. He was often compared with the heartthrob shirtless bather Garry Miller. Then, he received his first American project in television drama series Legend of the Seeker which was officially adapted from Terry Good kind supernatural novel. With the role of Richard Cypher, Horner received much awaited fame and acclamation from all round the world. In the show p, he was starred alongside Bridget Regan. All his fame and success cherished his financial stability and made his net worth reached to high status.

Tremendously talented and super hot looking Craig have many fan following. He is not married and has always declared that he is too busy to date any one. Though Craig doesn’t have any girlfriend, as often there was a rumor of affairs with his co-star Bridget Regan as they have immense chemistry and can make a great couple. Most of her lady fans dreams about being the wife of the most handsome hunk in the town. Every guy individuals desire to have that packed physiques which Craig posses of. Some of his pictures are found in gay sites.

Much about the heartthrob Craig’s bio can be abstracted from wiki and other web sites. His photos and videos can be found on his official fan page. He constantly uses twitter to be in touch with his fans.