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Gina Kimmel, originally known by name Gina Maddy, is an American fashion designer and is best recognized as the ex-wife of handsome comedian and TV personality Jimmy Kimmel. 

Born on 13th December 1964, 53-year-old Gina is also an actress and has made her appearances in a few movies like The Man Show in 1999, Party Like the Rich and Famous in 2012 and Party Like the Queen of France in 2012



Today, we are going to take a look at the life of Gina Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel's not-so-popular wife, their marriage, and children. 

Gina Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel, marriage, children and divorce

Gina and Jimmy met during high school, and the sweethearts got married very early at the age of 20. The duo got married in 1988, but not much detail about their wedding is available. 

In 1991, they had their first child, a baby girl Katherine Kimmel. Later, in 1993, they had their second child, a baby boy named Kevin Kimmel. 



Unlike many love stories of two high school sweethearts getting married, the ending of this pair was not so happy. They got a divorce in 2002 because of some mysterious reason. 

After their separation, Jimmy started dating fellow comedian Sarah Silverman in the same year. The duo was in a good relationship, but the relationship could not go any further as they broke up in March 2009.


Later, Silverman made an appearance at his show, and there were a lot of awkward moments as she brought him back some of his belongings she had when the two were still dating. 

In October of the same year, he started dating co-writer of his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Molly McNearney. The two got engaged in August 2012 and finally got married next year, in July 2013. In the following year, the couple had their first child, Jane, on 10th July 2014

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Who is Gina Kimmel dating now?

After her divorce with Jimmy, Gina certainly has not gotten much spotlight. She has somewhat become a normal woman with two children, and she certainly is in a relationship.



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Numerous pictures of her with a mystery man can be found on her official Instagram page. She shares photos of the man, but the names or other details about the man are not shared. 

She indeed is in a relationship with the man, but it is unknown if she is married or engaged to him. 


Love birds 

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Moreover, the fashion designer can also be seen sharing numerous pictures of her two children with Jimmy on her Instagram.

Although Gina is out of Jimmy's life and is enjoying normalcy, people's interest in the former celebrity wife is yet to abate. We hope that even if her first marriage failed, her second marriage if she decides to tie the knot, works well.