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Sunday, October 01, 2017 by Mdaf

It’s not surprising to read about Sofia Richie being the new rumored Justin Bieber girlfriend when the two were spotted numerous times together this week. Justin and Sofia were seen holding hands on Friday while out in Laguna Beach, California, and now they’re together in Japan where Justin is having his Purpose World Tour.

Is Sofia Richie really the new Justin Bieber girlfriend? Whether she is or isn’t, here are five interesting facts about her:

Famous Family

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Sofia Richie is the daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie. Her big sister is fashion designer Nicole Richie and her brother-in-law is Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden. Sofia is the daughter of Lionel’s second wife, Diane Alexander. She has an older brother known as Miles Brockman.

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Looks Up To Madonna and Sister Nicole

Sofia is a fan of Madonna. “I am a Madonna obsessor since I was 5,” Sofia said in a 2015 interview with People Magazine when she was named as the face of Material Girl, Madonna’s clothing line.

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She also cites sister Nicole as her “style icon” and that she’s her go-to person if she needed someone to go shopping with since Nicole always gives her honest advice in picking out stuff. She also used to steal clothes from her sister’s closet to wear.

Aspires To Be A Model And Singer

Last February 2016 at New York’s Fashion Week was Sofia’s runway debut. She’s been interested in runways and follows a lot of model blogs and designers. Her biggest dream: to be on the cover of Vogue.

Being Lionel Richie’s daughter also made her want to be a singer but Sofia said her dad discouraged her from it when she begged him to get her signed with someone at the age of 13. But now that she’s older, Sofia has been taking vocal lessons and studying writing every day.

An Instagram Hit

Sofia Richie is an Instagram hit with over 1 million followers. She also runs a Tumblr blog where she follows designers and models.

Dad Lionel Is Okay With It

What does Lionel Richie say about his 17-year-old daughter hanging out with Justin Bieber? He’s okay with it. A source told Hollywood Life that Lionel has no problem with the both of them spending time together just as long as she’s safe.

Sofia Richie may or may not be the new Justin Bieber girlfriend but if she is, Justin just found a great catch.

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