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Online Dating Profile Examples for Men

Online Dating Profile Examples for Men – A Lesson In Profile Writing

By Joshua Pompey

When it comes to having success with women online, have a flawless online dating profile is a must.  This is where women are going to make the most judgements about who you are as a person, and what you are all about.

For this reason it is absolutely critical that we learn how to write online dating profiles that spark extremely high levels of interest, create an emotional response, and tap into qualities that women are attracted to.  Doing so effectively will dramatically increase your response rates, the amount of emails that come your way first, and the overall beauty of the women who pursue you.

In this article I am going to provide you with profile writing tutorial by:

  • Showing you an online dating profile example that is poorly written.
  • Transforming it into a profile example that women would be extremely attracted to.
  • Providing an analysis of what the changes accomplish

The “I am exactly the same as everyone else” online dating profile example

“My name is Dave, and most days of the week you could find me working in a sales job that I love.”

Countless men online describe their jobs similar to the example above.  The problem is, the profile example above is completely boring and screams to women,  ”I am exactly the same as every other guy on this site.” There’s nothing original or unique about it.

Online dating is even more competitive than meeting women in “real life,” with countless men competing for the same women every single day.   If you want women to choose you, you need to spark interest, attraction, and stand out from the competition.  Let’s revise profile example above in a way that is much more effective.

The new and improved profile example

“Most days of the week you could find me working in sales over at JPompey.Com.  As someone who has always loved to help others, meet new people, and chase down new goals, this has been an amazing path for me that only grows better with each day that passes by.  What could possibly be better?  Well, aside from date me that is… Wink… Wink…”

What does the revised online dating profile example accomplish?

1.  It taps into multiple attraction builders that women instinctively respond to (5 in total.  Can you figure out what they are?).

2.  It subtly shows ambition without actually saying, “I am ambitious!”

3.  It demonstrates alpha male qualities. (making big decisions/leadership qualities).

4.  It doesn’t make the claim that he loves his job, it shows it.

5.  It shows social value (loves helping people/meeting new people/people love being around him).

7.  It generates interest and shows a unique personality.  All cliches are avoided.

8.  It presents a man who appears genuinely happy, without actually saying “I’m happy.”

9.  It flirts with the reader and demonstrates confidence in a playful way.

All of this is accomplished in just 3 short sentences by carefully paying attention to detail.  On its own this won’t be enough to attract a beautiful woman.  But imagine if every word in your entire profile was given the same care and meticulous attention to detail?  

This is what you must learn to do if you want to attract the highest quality women on the Internet.  Every single word of your profile should be infused with attraction building qualities, and have a specific purpose and reason.  The more effectively you do this, the better your results will be. 

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