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SnapDare - Online Truth or Dare Game Meets Snapchat Chat Model! is an app that can enable you to play Truth or Dare with your friends, whether they live next door or halfway around the world, using just your iPhone or iPad.

This app enables users to play truth or dare no matter where they are and comes with pre-written truth questions as well as dare challenges to help users start their games. Alternatively, users can also write in their own questions or challenges.

You can find this app in the Social Networking section of the App Store, where it can be downloaded completely free of charge! What's more is that this app doesn't even include any ads, which makes it all the more appealing.

Let's take a closer look at how it works.

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Learn About Your Friends & Share Experiences

SnapDare - Online Truth or Dare Game Meets Snapchat Chat Model! is a tiny app, which takes up just 5.2 MB of space on your iOS device. The developers have come up with the idea based on the principle that in order to build relationships, two elements are required: learning about the other person, and sharing experiences together.

While most social media services cater to the former, they tend to underestimate and overlook the latter. SnapDare provides users a way to learn about one another using the Truth questions, and share experiences using the dare challenges. The SnapChat format is just the icing on the cake, ensuring that users feel that the app is a safe environment to send over their photos and videos.

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Media is deleted after the message has been viewed

Interface & Safety

The user interface of this social networking app is extremely user-friendly, ensuring that users don't need to spend a lot of time learning how to use this app. Furthermore, as I mentioned in the introduction, there are no ads on this app either, so that definitely enhances the user experience even more!

Communicate with your contacts using snap messages, dare challenges, and truth questions. You can choose from the pre-written selection of questions or challenges, or write in your own. Next, select the people you'd like to send it to. This app enables users to select multiple people to play with.

Your friends must then complete the truth questions by writing a reply in text, or complete dare challenges and prove it to you by taking a photo or recording a video. In typical Snapchat format, the messages disappear after being viewed.

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Pre-written Dares

Pros & Cons


  • Send truth questions or dare challenges through photos, videos, or text
  • Choose from one of the pre-written questions or challenges, or create your own
  • Messages once viewed will be deleted
  • Add multiple lines of text to photos and videos


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

SnapDare inbox

Final Words

SnapDare - Online Truth or Dare Game Meets Snapchat Chat Model! is a really great app that is sure to make users build relationships and stay in touch with friends, all from the convenience of their iPhone or iPad. I'd highly recommend this game to everyone!


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