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Wednesday, September 20, 2017 by Axim

Meet the Openbox V5S, Openbox V8S and Openbox V8SE    "Free To Air" HD satellite PVR receivers . 

​There is not a lot of information or reviews on the Openbox V5S, V8S and V8SE.

The Openbox V5S  was formerly known as the Skybox F5S.

​A well known  super power put paid to that!

You can record and pause live TV on the the Openbox V5S via a USB memory stick flash pen or an external hard drive.

​Internet connectivity on the Openbox V5S is achieved by  using a wifi dongle or Ethernet Cable. See products .

If you intend to use a wifi dongle to connect to the internet,  you  will  have to sacrifice recording, as the Openbox V5S only has one USB port.

Unlike the new Openbox V8S  which ​has two USB ports, allowing  you to record from one port whilst keeping the connectivity  with your wifi dongle in the second USB port.

Another feature of  the Op​enbox V8S, - it is 3G compatible -  You can achieve connectability to the internet via a 3G mobile braoadband stick.

Openbox  V8S

"What is the right Openbox4U"

Openbox V8Se

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500Mbps Powerline Adapter Kit


Openbox Channel list 29/7/2017 Updated Channels!




Before you update the channel list!

Openbox4u takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your box whilst updating channel lists or firmware. There is a possibility of damage when updating channel lists and or firmware its a chance you take when installing a third party file.

make sure the attached update looks like TP_PROG and not TP_PROG (1) When on your memory stick!

Installing a channel list onto the openbox

Installing a channel list onto the openbox

Copy OR DRAG THE TP_PROG.dbs file to a memory stick, insert memory stick into usb port of your Openbox

1: Press menu button on your remote control.

2: Scroll across with arrow key to Tools.

3: Scroll down to upgrade by usb and press OK.

4: Change the upgrade mode from image file to MISC FILES.

5: Scroll down to select & upgrade.

(The Add files to upgrade box appears)

6: select 1 TP_PROG.dbs press OK.

(A green tick appears next to it)

7: Press the yellow button on remote control to upgrade.

When upgrade has finished press exit on remote.

Now Reboot your openbox!

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3/11/ 2017

Rember - Our Openbox Receivers Are Truly

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