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Monday, January 29, 2018 by Manyi

If you have ever watched the famous American television show Saturday Night Live, then you must be familiar with Cecily Strong. Well, the actress who has been leading a successful professional life has her personal life packed up with constant struggle, ups, and downs. Nevertheless, the actress life has always been a matter of curiosity to the media and the public.

Well, one more question that has always been striking to her fans; Is the beautiful lady single or dating anyone? If yes, then who is her boyfriend? Stay with us and know all the details regarding her affair, married life, and relationship.

Cecily Strong had an affair with boyfriend Mike O'Brien; Is she still dating him?

Cecily Strong seems to be very much private about her personal life and she is merely seen opening about her private life and her relationship status. However, Cecily once confirmed to be dating a fellow comedian Michael Patric O'Brien in 2014.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Michael O'Brien

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Though the couple who started dating each other in 2013, is still rumored to be in a relationship, there is no concrete evidence that proves the rumors. Besides, it has been almost a couples of years the couple was last seen together in public.

Boyfriend and girlfriend couple: Mike O'Brien and Cecily Strong

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Likewise,  no news regarding any kind of troubles and issues in their relationship has so far surfaced in the media which again leaves the public in a dilemma, forcing the fans to think if or not they are dating? However, they have never given any combine statement detailing their present relationship stature.



No matter how the couple's relationship has currently turned out to be, Cecily most was very much in love with Michael. Talking about Michael who was the co-worker in Cecily's father's company Cecily once said:

Absolutely, It’s probably stupid. But I got the okay from my dad, who is a business professional. It happens. The good thing is I never feel like I’m complaining or talking about my job too much

But maybe it was not Cecily's best decision to choose Michael as her boyfriend. Or maybe she is still in a relationship with him and loves him exactly like she did the first time they fell for each other.

Let's wait and see, maybe someday they openly reveal to the public what they feel and have for each other.