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Meeting a Crossdresser or Someone who Will Indulge Your Crossdressing Fetish

Over the years I have received questions from crossdressing men about how to meet new partners who are open to their predilection for wearing women’s clothing and lingerie. They often don’t want to come right out about it on their dating profile or even on the first date, risking potential rejection. No one likes surprises – crossdressers don’t want to find out that their crush is crushed to find out about their kink, and unwitting dates may be turned off to discover their man is also wearing Victoria’s Secret.

I’m guessing the majority of  men who are into crossdressing prefer to keep this kink between themselves and their partner. In fact, I’m willing to bet that for every guy who’s open about his crossdressing and sporting women’s clothing in public, there are a hundred secret crossdressers. And sadly, many never share their fetish with anyone at all.  For all you crossdressing men out there, believe me when I say there are lots of people out there, both women and men, who would love to indulge you and who would find your crossdressing desires as sexy as you do. You just need to find them (more about that ahead).

I once dated a very masculine guy (a fire fighter no less) who found nothing more exciting than to slip into a pair of my panties or pulling on a pair of silky stockings. I’ll admit, at first I was a little confused by his behaviour but as far as fetishes go this one is pretty tame, and I quickly discovered it had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. (Note: most crossdressers are straight!) And then I learned how exciting it could be for me as well… I would call him from work and instruct him to dress up for me. When I got home and found him sporting sexy lingerie, already hard and waiting, it was instant fireworks!

How to Meet Local Crossdressers and their Admirers

My advice to you is to take your search online. Hitting the bar scene, you’re going to find it more than difficult to decipher who’s got panties on under their jeans or which girl is seeking a crossdressing boyfriend. But imagine this – you can join a crossdresser dating site, create a profile that is honest about your preference, and then search for the crossdressing date of your dreams. The following sites are my top suggestions. I recommend you join more than one because they all offer a free membership. From there you can simply upgrade the one that has the most local crossdressers or the one that best suits your needs.

DateaCrossdresserVisit Now
Date a Crossdresser has tons of members, which is always key when choosing a site. They offer all the usual features – search and favorite lists, plus some key features – the ability to block members or go into invisible mode if you just want to snoop around. Before upgrading at be sure to see who’s close by. Nothing to lose.

TSmeetVisit Now
Even though this site features full-on transexuals, it’s also a major playground for crossdressers. It’s the largest site in this niche and is fully-loaded with everything from crossdresser chat rooms to live video and  is especially good for those who like the social element of member groups and blogs.

BDSMdate Visit Now
Are your tastes more on the wild side? BDSMdate has many of the features you’ll find on, but is a completely different group of kinksters. So if you like a little domination and submission with your crossdressing, try this site first.

I’d love to hear about your crossdresser dating experiences. Dare to share?

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