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Dark cavern chat closed

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I'm sure that you'll be a great mother for this kit and I'll be there, helping you if you need me. He must be busy as it is he can't have time to raise a kit! She does love him but he must have so many she's wanting to be his mate why would he choose her? "Oh she should have not said that, why did she say that? Cinderpaw~ One Gathering, Moonstone Rosepaw~ One Gathering, One Patrol, Hunting Assessment Snowpaw~ One Gathering, One Patrol, Hunting Assessment, Moonstone Cloverpaw~ One Gathering, Hunting Assessment Berrykit~ One topic, One week"I know I don't have to do it, but I want to.

But I had to admit that I'll feel more lonely without you around while you take care of him."Cinderpaw's body started shaking with her tears as Jaystream didn't say anything for a bit. She is just an apprentice after all how could she take care of a kit? If you want to I mean..must be hard with an apprentice of your own to mentor and you are a warrior yourself so it must be really hard and um..." She blushed even harder she brought over her tail to cover her face. They are really good friends and despite what she wants maybe he would just view her as that, a friend.. Ashpaw is going to be a warrior in just a couple of days so I'll have no apprentice to take care of. I can help this kit teaching him so stuff before the start of his apprentice-hood. You're my dearest friend and this is what you want since you come back.

Yeah its just wonderful that she was back back to her normal useless self.

A thought popped in her mind however, well really something she has been meaning to tell Jaystream but haven't had the time. Well multiple things but they aren't important." Her voice raised and her tail flicked showing her excitement. Maybe he wasn't spending the necessary time with his friend.

Especially when it was all her fault it was nothing he has done. Jaystream I um.this kit that at first was kinda rude but eventually opened up to me.

She took a deep breath as he sat next to her excitement coming back. He seemed to always have this wall up towards everybody and I thought that was strange for a kit.

Since Ashpaw was going to be an apprentice pretty soon, he had more free time to spend.

He sat down right next to her, flicking his tail impatiently and curious.

She still blamed herself for Flowerpetal's death, Nutpaw seemed to be taking it hard as if she blamed herself. She can't do anything right, what even was the point of her fighting the darkness? The only good things about being back was the talk with Echokit and Jaystream.

But at least she did something, she tried to claw the mist up. The only ones that seemed happy to see her back was Jaystream she hasn't even seen Morningfog. Signing deeply she looked up to find that she was looking out to the river, so her paws brought her here huh?

Signing deeply she took a deep breath then submerged her head under the water blinking she saw the beautiful depths of underwater then brought her head up again breathing deeply.

She looked out to the waters with a small smile to her face memories flooding her head again, she shook her head and signed deeply, maybe it would have been easier to give in to the darkness...