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Alphabetical list of silver jewellery marks

An illustrated collection of silver marks listed, with their meanings, in alphabetical order.  The illustrations are useful because many silver makers or retailers have similar initials but different stamp designs.  Single letter British date marks are not listed here - for these, see other silver mark information sites. 

This list is small but growing.  All the entries are carefully checked, but there may be inaccuracies, so please feel free to get in touch via the contact page if you see any mistakes! 


1 AR  UnoAErre.  An Italian goldsmith and jewellery company based in Arezzo.  Founded in 1926

'2000' inside a cross  The Millennium commemorative mark. Assayed in the Year 2000 or 1999.

'A' shape with concave sides    The Dublin import mark for precious metals, since 1906.

AJS  Arthur Johnson Smith. Late 19th and early 20th centuries, Birmingham (though some items assayed in Chester).

ANVIL  Kuppitaan Kulta, Jewellery company founded in 1945 in Turku, Finland, by modernist designer Elis Kauppi.

B.BROS  Berker Bros, London based wedding ring specialists established in 1942

BEAR / POLAR BEAR  Kultaseppa Salovaara Ky, Modernist designer, Turku, Finland, 1950s - 1980s

C.H  Charles Horner, Birmingham (though items may be assayed in Chester).  Late 19th – mid 20th century

CJL  Carrick Jewellery Limited, Glasgow. Established 1971. 

C.L & S  Charles Lyster & Son, Birmingham. Registered 1904. 

CME CME Jewellery Wholesale Company, Leicester. 

CPS CPS Jewellery Company, Birmingham

CROSSBOW   Balestra 1882.  An Italian company specialising in the manufacture of gold and platinum chains since 1882.

CStJ  Christian St John Ltd, jewellery company in Farnham, Surrey (though items may be assayed in Edinburgh). Late 20th Century onwards.

D&F  Deakin & Francis Ltd, Birmingham, late 19th to early 21st centuries. 

'DOLLAR' SIGN $  Shube’s Inc., manufacturer of silver jewellery, founded in New Mexico in 1972.  Now merged with 'South Dakota Gold' to form the 'Dakota West Design' jewelry company.  The 'dollar' sign is in fact an 'S' superimposed on a 'b'. 

DQ or DQ CZ  'Diamonique', the brand used by television shopping network QVC for their high quality cubic zirconia simulated diamonds.

EJLD  Excalibur Jewellery Ltd, Birmingham, 1970s onwards.

GJLd  Georg Jensen Ltd.  Please note this mark, without the Danish factory mark, does not mean the item was produced by the designer Georg Jensen in Denmark.   It means that it comes from the UK retailer Georg Jensen Limited.

G.S.   German Silver. An alloy made of nickel, copper, and zinc - not real silver.

H.C  Henry Cook, Birmingham, late 19th century.

HG&S  Henry Griffith & Sons Ltd., Birmingham, Late 19th - mid 20th centuries.

HO  Historic Originals, Reading (Now trading within Hot Diamonds Ltd)

HW&S H Wright & Son, Birmingham (though may be assayed in Edinburgh).  Registered 1950. 

IBB International Bullion & Metal Brokers, AKA 'International Bullion', an international group of companies whose core business is the manufacture and distribution of gold, silver and diamond jewellery.  Established in London in 1974. 

JS (in shield)  Joseph Smith & Sons, Birmingham. Early 20th to early 21st centuries. 

KH  Kit Heath, a British jewellery designer and company. The mark is usually accompanied by a number representing the year of manufacture and a copyright stamp. 'KH-00' means Kit Heath 2000.

LL  Links of London.

MG  Malcolm Gray.  Founder, in the 1960s, of the Orkney based jewellery company 'Ortak'. 

MPTS  More Precious than Silver, a UK based company designing and selling silver jewellery made by their partners in Mexico

NASpossibly Nicola Anne Sandwell, a London based jewellery designer in the 1980s. Not known whether she is still designing. 

OMG ST.SIL Ola Gorie, Scottish jewellery designer and company

P&RB P&R Bushell, Jewellers, Birmingham

PP Ld  Payton, Pepper & Sons, Birmingham (though items may be assayed in London or Sheffield). Founded 1898, dissolved 1998.

PSCL Peter Stone Company, USA 

Q.T. ©  Quoc Turquoise Inc. A jewellery manufacturing company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, founded in 1984. 

R with crescent moon  Relios, the parent company of 'Carolyn Pollack Jewelry', New Mexico.

RC  Carr’s of Sheffield Ltd. Established 1977

REPUBLIC OF CAMALA, 1853 1 TALLAR coin  These fantasy 'coins' were made around 1980 for the jewellery trade.  There is no such place as the Republic of Camala and the coins are not real currency.    

RINGS (THREE)  Links of London

RPH  RPH Jewellery Company, Birmingham. 1960s – 1990s.

'S' superimposed on 'b' (or dollar sign), and  '©'   Shube’s Inc., manufacturer of silver jewellery, founded in New Mexico in 1972.  Now merged with 'South Dakota Gold' to form the 'Dakota West Design' jewelry company.

SAO  Sheffield Assay Office

S.B  Stainton Brothers, Birmingham, late 19th - early 20th centuries.  

SPINDLE SHAPE  Silver hallmark of Cyprus. Occurs next to a figure which signifies the purity level (apologies for photo quality).

STARfollowed by a number and two letters, in rectangle with pointed sides. – Italian silver maker's mark, from 1968 onwards.  The number represents the silversmith, the letters represent the province. The number in the oval below is the purity level of the silver.  See for more information

TJH   The Jewellery House Ltd, Dublin, selling Celtic and other jewellery.   

TRIANGLE  Birmingham import mark for gold, silver and platinum. 

WJ  William Henry Johnson, Birmingham, early 20th century.  

WLProbably William Light, Birmingham, late 19th - early 20th centuries.

W.V & S  William Vale & Sons, Birmingham. Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries.

WWC  William Walter Cashmore, Birmingham, early 20th Century.