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Friday, October 20, 2017 by Vansh

Journal entry- 20 August 2013:

I’m about a month into my journey of online dating. Strange creatures abound from every corner. It’s become obvious I am their prey…or am I the predator?

As I have written before, I’m rather new to online dating. My trip into the online store for humans has been quite the experience. Nothing is as it seems, and I am beginning to feel slighted by the lack of genuine human qualities in the profiles I’ve visited. Everyone seems to state they are looking for the same qualities: honesty, integrity, wholesomeness, but it all seems so contrived; canned answers, if you will.

While reading an article by Chelsea Cristene, “Is This Really What Straight White Women Want?”, something occurred to me. What I’m seeing unfold before my eyes on some dating sites are profiles built from molds to which we are supposed to be attracted. Both men and women are telling profile browsers exactly what they think they want to hear. It’s a marketing scheme to attract newcomers.

Cristene mentions women are supposed to desire lives filled with visions of domesticity and white picket fences. We are supposed to want a Knight in Shining Armor to rescue us from the towers of being miserably single. I’m a straight female seeking straight men, so I hadn’t looked into the construction of female profiles. After reading Cristene’s article, I decided to take a look around.

Overwhelmingly, Cristene is correct. Most women do accentuate their domestic skills and love for the fairy tale romance. It’s as though most women watched the same romantic movie as a guideline for filling in their profiles.  This led me to wonder how this affected the way men designed their profiles.

In the short month I’ve been subscribed to dating sites, I’ve had plenty interaction with men via email who seem to be buying stock in what all women supposedly want at alarming rates.

I have encountered men who put their (probably inflated) incomes, physical strength, and even penis size as their store fronts from which women are supposed to swoon. What they often downplay is anything emotional or anything which might hint at a softer side.

Women advertise baking cookies, long walks on the beach, and cuddling babies. Men flaunt riding motorcycles, hunting, and bench pressing more weight than humanly possible. According to society, the female gender should be meek, mild and soft, while the male gender should be outspoken, tough and rough. But what if this is false advertising?

While what I’ve said is definitely the rule, there are exceptions. Some men seem more honest and in touch with who they are. They don’t mind listing cooking or shopping as hobbies. There are those men who actually mention breaking gender stereotypes. They appreciate independent, strong women.

I, for one, am a woman who mentions within my profile that I’m not desperately seeking a savior and I’m actually happy being single. A few other female profiles I perused also seemed more genuine and unique. Some women, me included, enjoy football. There are those who work in male dominated fields such as welding or construction. We appreciate men who aren’t afraid to break the “I Am Man” stereotype.

People enter into dating, either in the traditional way or via the net, every day. We all say we desire honest, genuine mates, but how can we have that if we’re so engrossed in a marketing scheme that we can’t be who we truly are?

There is nothing inherently wrong with a man who likes to sew or a woman who enjoys hunting. However, society has taught us that others will not be attracted to us if we don’t sit back into our molds and brush away our true identities. I believe this is why many people are not successful in finding healthy relationships.

To be honest, I have yet to actually meet someone in person from a dating site. Maybe my honesty about who I am is a turnoff. If it is, so be it. I will not waste my time, or theirs, by pretending to be someone I’m not. I also have found myself turned off by confused philosophies and ideologies, and by men who try too hard to be male, so that plays a role, too.

Perhaps if we would all be a little more honest with others, and more importantly, ourselves, dating wouldn’t be this awkward, mind-bending task it has become.


Tammie Niewedde shares her life with 24, 21, and 16 year old sons. She also has a 2 year old grandson whose energy level reminds her exactly how old she is (40, and she owns that proudly!). In her home, you will find a 120 pound fur factory named Dexter and a few cats whom have decided that she is merely their staff.  The root of her love for books, writing, and  animals comes from being a child whose only siblings were books and her animals. She is a full-time student, mother, coordinator of all that is chaos, and a hopeless list maker. Most of her writing is creative non-fiction that describes her real life adventures. Her acerbic, biting  sense of humor may capture your heart, or it may induce rage. Nonetheless what she writes is true to life. You can often find her hanging out with the kiddos, studying, reading, writing, and making lists…of everything! You can find her on Facebook!

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