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Sunday, January 28, 2018 by Chams

As we know, Queen Latifah has a girlfriend. She and Jeanette Jenkins have been together for years, and they keep their stuff pretty private. Last summer, the Queen and Jeanette did go together to Alicia Keys’ wedding, and photographers got some cute photos of the couple frolicking on a yacht. Queen never confirmed or denied anything – so that’s probably the only subdued confirmation we’re going to get about Latifah’s sexuality, which is fine. She hasn’t constructed some dumb sham romance with a dude, she’s just living her private life quietly and honestly. Anyway, The National Enquirer has a nice story about Latifah and Jeanette – apparently, they’ve decided that they want a baby together. No one is knocked up yet, but I hope it happens for them:

Queen Latifah is having a baby! After mulling over motherhood for a couple of years, the 40-year-old star and her longtime girlfriend and personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins have finally decided to raise a little one, say friends.

“Queen and Jeanette are incredibly happy with each other, and they want to start a family,” a close pal told the Enquirer. “A baby is their No. I priority and they’re considering all their options.”

Queen Latifah hasn’t ruled out getting pregnant, but since she does have some major work commitments coming up, they’re also considering having Jeanette carry the child, said the source.

“Surrogacy and adoption are two other possibilities. Neither one of them is hung up on where the baby comes from. They know they’re going to fall head over heels with their child however the baby comes to them. They both feel children are a blessing.”

Latifah comes from a close-knit family and has always wanted children, according to the source. “But it was only recently that Queen and Jeanette finally sat down and said to each other, ‘Yup, it’s time.’ As much as she loves kids, there was a time when Queen thought she’d never get to be called ‘Mommy’ – but that was a long time ago – before she blossomed into a superstar. And now with Jeanette at her side, Queen’s never been happier. The only thing left to complete their lives is a child of their own.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

I would like to see Latifah as a mom. You know she would be kick-ass. I wonder how old Jeanette is…? It was my understanding that Jeanette was several years younger than Latifah. I’m just saying… Jeanette might have an easier time getting pregnant. Sigh… I want them to use someone really good as the donor. Right? Like, LL Cool J. Or Denzel. Or John Legend.

The Queen and her girlfriend on a yacht on August 4, 2010. Credit: Bauer-Griffin. Additional pic courtesy of WENN.

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