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Thursday, October 05, 2017 by Teddy

Candace   241994-11-11MichiganGrand Rapids

Frank   401978-2-7MichiganGrand Rapids

Renee   291989-8-6MichiganGrand Rapids

Al   451973-5-21MichiganGrand Rapids

Alya   281990-7-6MichiganGrand Rapids

Terrance   271991-9-4MichiganGrand Rapids

Alyssa   27

Martin   281990-4-19MichiganGrand Rapids

Miren   261992-6-8MichiganGrand Rapids

Ricky   231995-4-7MichiganGrand Rapids

Seven   311987-10-13MichiganGrand Rapids

Cowboy   431975-3-18MichiganGrand Rapids

Selly   271991-3-22MichiganGrand Rapids

Rico   39

Annie   501968-7-21MichiganGrand Rapids

Bobby   261992-2-24MichiganGrand Rapids

Anna   261992-4-18MichiganGrand Rapids

Brent   231995-2-20MichiganGrand Rapids

Hannah   271991-8-17MichiganGrand Rapids

Jonny   231995-5-22MichiganGrand Rapids