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The ultimate no-excuses immersive training program designed to systematically and permanently teach you the mindsets and skills that get you the girls you want.

7 Days. 15 Training Sessions.

Immersion Curriculum

  • Daygame Openers 
  • Insta-Dating Made Easy
  • Pulling From Daytime
  • Approach Anxiety and Opening
Inner Game
  • Confidence Deconstructed
  • Fear Technology Workshop
  • Approach Anxiety Elimination
  • Deep Identity Level Change
Opening and Hooking
  • Openers 101
  • Initiating Free Flowing Conversation
  • High Value subcommunications
  • Getting on her radar
  • How to Hook (Socially and Sexually)
Building Attraction
  • Emotional Communication 
  • Old School Outer Game Tactics
  • Investment and Compliance
  • How to Never Have a Boring Conversation Again
  • Opening in high energy venues
  • Building deep attraction and tension
  • Sexual Communication 
  • Tactics and Strategy of Pulling
  • Door Game
Advanced Game
  • Consistent Pulling Techniques
  • Advanced Text and Phone Game
  • Online Dating Optimization
  • Sticking Point Analysis
  • Getting to Mastery

"Winners aren't born... they're built." - Todd

Space limited to 15 students.

"I've had the privilege of guiding thousands of students on the path to massive success with women.

With Immersion, I've finally created the program I would have killed to take years ago. 

Hope to see you soon."

— Todd Valentine, RSD Executive Instructor


7 Day Immersive Dating Skills Training
with Todd Valentine

7 Sessions Classroom Training
4 Sessions Daygame
4 Sessions Nightgame

I have a day job, would Immersion work with my schedule?

Yes. About half of our students are in similar situations. Training on weekdays (including Daygame infield training) begins at 5pm so that you can come after work/school. Training on weekends begins at 4pm.

Is Todd going to be there for every session?

Yes. Todd will be leading and teaching all 7 of the classroom training sessions as well as being infield for all 8 of the infield training sessions.

What is the student to coach ratio?

In order to provide a high level of attention to each student, including Todd, the student to coach ratio will be at minimum 3:1.

I'm a beginner, is Immersion right for me?

Immersion is designed with a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced topics. Whether you're totally new to learning game, or have several years behind you, mastering the fundamentals is the most effective way to get massive progress.

I'm an intermediate/advanced student, will Immersion get me to where I want to be?

Most students at this level benefit greatly by fixing sticking points and bad habits learned over the years. We start off the week with a heavy focus on fundamentals and end it with more nuanced topics such as getting girls to chase and the mechanics of pulling. 

What's the total price of the program?


4 Infield Daygame Training Sessions

Learn effective Daygame from the creator of the definitive Daygame course: Todd Valentine.

Using a progressive learning model, including extensive use of exercises and drills, as well as live demonstrations by Todd, you'll learn the fundamentals of Daygame from opening, instadating, creating investment, getting solid numbers, and pulling. 

Each infield training session is led by Todd, who will be actively gaming and winging along side you, as well as your fellow students.

4 Nightgame Training Sessions

Is there anything more thrilling than a Nightgame pull and same night lay? You'll learn the fundamentals of Nightgame including overcoming approach anxiety, opening, hooking, creating emotional and sexual connection, getting solid numbers, and pulling on purpose.

Each infield training session is led by Todd, who will be actively gaming and winging along side you.

7 Seminar Training Sessions with Infield Video Breakdown

With a structured curriculum created and taught by Todd, you'll learn the exact mindsets and skills necessary to get you massive results with women.

Extensive use of infield footage and exercises means you'll learn by seeing, hearing, as well as doing.

One-on-One interaction and small class size ensures that you get ALL your questions answered.


One of the most potent and powerful ways of blasting through sticking points is to have your sets filmed and broken down line by line by Todd. You'll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to do exactly that.  (Additional fee)

sept 3 - 9 2017
sept 17 - 23 2017


Sunday     4p - 2a    Orientation, Classroom Training and Nightgame 
Monday     5p - 11p   Daygame and Classroom Training
Tuesday    5p - 11p   Daygame and Classroom Training
Wednesday  5p - 11p   Daygame and Classroom Training
Thursday   7p - 2a    Classroom Training and Nightgame
Friday     7p - 2a    Classroom Training and Nightgame
Saturday   3p - 2a    Daygame, Classroom Training and Nightgame

*Todd coaches all sessions.

To get on the waitlist for future immersions, add your name to the interest list here.

september 3 - 9


september 17 - 23