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Monday, January 22, 2018 by Deta

OLGAtoMARRY, Tender, sensitive, very romantic, understanding, kind, sincere, honest, very joyful, loyal and with a nice sense of humor! Do you think it is a dream lady?
As I said before, I am versatile woman, open for new knowledge and experience. My character is calm, but expressive. My aim is to live and enjoy it, taking all the good. When one starts to value life, he starts to liveSmileSmileSmile I have a keen sense of inner imbalance and harmony... I think some loneliness is not final, it is just the time for self-developing and self-realization, but with loving man there is a plenty of happy moments, which I need terribly..
I am a life-loving and optimistic, easy-going and sociable woman with a good sense of humour and romantic heart. I find common language with various people easily and I believe that everything that happens is done for the best. I am very gentle, kind, loving and helpful, I always try to be considerate, sympathetic and attentive to people who surround me. I am always friendly and benevolent to everybody. I am a patient and non-conflict person, I do not keep offences in my heart and I am able to forgive. I try to understand a point of view of other person, do not judge hoping that I will be listened to and understood in return. I am honest and direct, determined and inquisitive and I always enjoy learning something new, I try to develop myself and strive for self-improvement. If I get interested in some activity it may grip my whole attention. Usually I do everything quickly and ideally as inspiration helps me a lot. Smile I am a very good housewife. If you visit my home you will always feel the atmosphere of warmth, love, light and harmony. The most important thing for me is that my beloved man would be happy beside me. I believe that in every person as well as in relationship everything should be harmonic and I always strive for it Smile)
I am a kind, tender, sympathetic, charismatic, goal-oriented lady. My friends say that I am a loyal, kind, tender and sincere person. Also I value the responsibility, honesty, kindness and generosity. I can’t stand the rudeness and boorishness. I value friendship and family comfort.
Annushka_sweet, There are a million people in this world, hundreds of them are passing by me every day. But nevertheless, I did not meet a man with whom I would like to spend my whole life. Inside me there lives a little princess, who wants to love and create her own fairy tale. I am a very sociable person, I have many friends and with all I always maintain a warm and good relationship. I'm not a party girl, I like home comfort and I like to create it. I love animals, every month I visit shelters for homeless cats and dogs, because they like our people need our warmth and attention. I always hear that I have a beautiful body, I like to be photographed, it inspires me. But I want my man to love me for my inner world, and not just for long legs and big breasts. I'm ready for a serious relationship and will not leave this site without my man.
I am extremely communicative, charming, cute, positive, confident and mature young lady. I am easy-going and try to avoid any conflict situations. I am kind, cheerful, open-minded, caring, feminine, love children and good people around. I never waste my time for nothing! I enjoy being active and fit!
DOMINIKANA@, I am very honest lady, who knows life in all its colors, and tasted not just sweet life – but I know what is mean to be poor, hungry, to feel myself like ugly duck between super girls , and of course I tasted beautiful life – with money, and expensive restaurants – but it’s time to change everything and be serious! I want to be called “wife” – to feel what is mean to be loved!
I'm a young charming lady,I'm a nice, cheerful, interesting, kind, sincere light fair -haired girl. I am also considerate, willing to take care about animals, kids. I adore kids, animals. I am quiet, tide, cheerful and having no bad habits.
Gyana, I am emotionally balanced, but passionate in love. I possess a good sense of humour, I am thoughtful, loving, thoughtful, curious, sociable, gentle, sympathetic and charming.
I am a wonderful, gentle, sensual, feminine woman who dreams about creating a strong life-long relationship and the cornerstones of its reliability will be understanding, mutual love, patience and deep respect. If that is so our connection will grow, such relationship will stand all life storms and tsunami and become only stronger. I am very attentive, giving and affectionate, I know perfectly well that actions speak louder than words and I am able to be highly effective with my deeds in making my partner feel really happy surrounded with my care, gentleness and warmth. I am sincere and very honest, polite and tactful and I know how to behave appropriately in various situations as well as to look polished even though I never spend excessively on my wardrobe. I have an optimistic view to life and joyful, easy-going nature. I find friends easily, compromise if it is needed, I am able to listen and I am a pleasant interlocutor. I am extremely good at reading others and understanding their point of view. I am able to forgive as all make mistakes. I have a great sense of space and function, and artistic appreciation. I am tender like a flower, kind-hearted as Mother Teresa, determined like a child who learns to walk, feminine like Marilyn Monroe and faithful like Hachiko. Smile I am life-loving and positive, full of energy and love!
Olechkaa, I am cheerful, active girl who likes spending time in the nature, also likes travelling, and making presents for my loved and close people. I like to spend time with beloved, i am not afraid of changes, and if you and me can build great relationships, i am ready to leave my life here behind, and go for you!)) I am not for games, here, i am for serious relations, if you are serious too, and if you are tired of being alone, just like me, if you want to love and be loved, then write to me, and we will find a nice solution to this!
I am very cheerful and very kind and sensitive girl, nevertheless I am persistent person, who never gives up and I can be very initiative, but I never drag the whole blanket on myself, as we say here (smile). I can say that I am purposeful, but very modest and not proud person. Sometimes I can be vulnerable, shy, I do not like lies and hypocrisy.