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Friday, August 10, 2018 by Brian

"Dating Sim" - By Ryne Dorig

You think you can win girls over in dating sims? Think again!

This was created for my VSAR 130 class at CSUSM Spring 2008, as a final project.This took me forever to make! Sifting through 30+GB of extracted game data for appropriation was long, and difficult. However, it was worth it in the end, to create something I love about (anime). I've created many smaller Flash files before, but this is actually my first big project I've completed!

* Don't click too much on the buttons (only once will do)! This will cause very weird things to happen! (though it's not severe)
* If the game freezes during transitions, right click on the Flash and click play.
* If the game inevitably gets screwed up (for whatever reason), reopen this file.
* Though the images are appropriated from an adult anime dating sim/visual novel, you won't find any explicit images in this Flash.

Background of this game

This game is based off of the concept of the "otaku," a Japanese derogatory term referring to obsessive anime fans. It is more or less the equivalent of the English "geek" or "nerd."

See this page: Otaku: In English/Internationally

I appropriated (or extracted) images from the Japanese anime dating sim/visual novel "Natsumegu" for several reasons. One, that is an adult game, which allows me to make the girls question your actions (like, "you're not doing this just to see me naked?). Two, I don't have time to draw them! And three, I like the aesthetics of the characters and artwork!

I allowed you to input names for the characters so you can vicariously "live" through the eyes of the otaku. The default names for the girls are the actual names used in "Natsumegu."

Voices are done by Richelle Dorig (my sister) and Brittany Hilgendorf (classmate in VSAR 130). I changed the pitch of their voices so they sound like "real" anime girls. If you've played any Japanese anime games or watched Japanese anime, you'll find their voices are high-pitched.

There are three endings (not exactly happy endings): Hotori, Celes, Yukako. Can you get them all?

Inside the "Final Project Stuff" Folder

You will find inside this folder the stuff used to compile this project. These include:
  • "dating sim.html" - This file you're reading
  • "dating sim.fla" - Flash document, use a Flash editor to edit it and see the contents
  • "dating sim.swf" - Flash movie - The actual finished product, compiled from the .fla file
  • "dating sim.flp" - Flash project file
  • "" - Actionscript file - holds the golbal variables
  • "Final Project Story Outline.doc" - The outline of the game, scripts and characters, and other ideas
  • "soundtrack.txt" - Music to use list
  • "using flash notes.txt" - Text document to help me complete stuff faster
  • "background" folder - Backgrounds
  • "celes" folder - Images for Celes
  • "cg" folder - CG artwork used in this game, also contains unused images
  • "face" folder - Faces used for the text boxes
  • "hotori" folder - Images for Hotori
  • "jock" folder - Images for the jock. Was gonna be in the game, but is unused
  • "music" folder - Music used for this game. The RAR file contains the original files, in OGG format
  • "sketchbook" folder - Sketchbook entries for my VSAR130 class
  • "sounds" folder - Sound effects and voice clips. The RAR file contains the original, unedited files
  • "yukako" folder - Images for Yukako
  • "unused" folder - Unused images. I was originally gonna use these characters (Madoka/Miri), but I decided not to due to time constraints

Ryne Dorig, VSAR 130 CSUSM Spring 2008