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Thursday, March 01, 2018 by Sanya

Plot: A relationship between hunter!reader and werewolf!Jungkook

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight,Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Nineteen, Twenty, Epilogue

Word Count: 1578

A/N:so here is part eighteen, this gif is one of my favorites of Jungkook bc look at h i m, he’s so effortlessly beautiful like the dude’s literally sitting there in a t-shirt and jeans just breathing and shit and my breath?? gone. how do people survive being kook stans is all I wanna know bc he’s not even my bias and he hurts me but the link for this is werewolf!Jungkook (here)

Werewolves weren’t as primal as hunters made them out to be, you knew that much. They lived in the same type of houses that the hunters did, they went to the same schools, had the same day jobs. They had families, relationships, though their biggest difference from humans was their lack of breakups. It was extremely rare, almost completely unheard of, for a “mated” pair to split willingly. You wondered what it felt like, to love in the way a werewolf did. They didn’t just give their partners their heart, they gave them everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. You wondered if it was why Jungkook had always been an open book around you, sometimes not even realizing how much information he was giving out until you knew his entire life story. 

You’d been hearing that word a lot, “mate.” You’d heard it from the day you’d met Jungkook’s family but ever since he’d slipped that beautiful ring onto your finger, it had become more common for the two of you to be called each other’s “mates” than your own names. It was endearing to you but your smile slipped a little bit every time Jungkook corrected them with a “not yet.” He had never told you just how two people became mates, your assumption being that it just happened. Two people met, fell in love and were immediately mates.

It almost felt childish to ask, as if you were asking how babies were made. You were surprised to hear the two questions didn’t have very different answers but the werewolf’s version ending with bites instead of little bundles of joy. You began to notice it throughout the pack, when Jimin’s jacket slipped off his shoulder to reveal the bite mark on his shoulder, when a couple of the parents had worn sleeveless shirts and dresses, when any of their shoulders were ever revealed. They looked like they would hurt, faint red scars, but they never expressed any discomfort. Jungkook had promised that after the initial pain went away, it would act as any other scar but your eyes stayed focused on the mark on Taehyung’s shoulder, the one he was more than happy to show off, eyeing the two much deeper indents where the canine teeth were. You rubbed at your own shoulder subconsciously, earning laughter from both of them.

“The bite itself doesn’t hurt but afterwards, it feels like you would expect it to, just for an hour or two. Then it all goes away and you’re left with a really cool looking scar.”

You couldn’t take your mind off of it for the next few weeks, as your wedding date grew closer. You wondered if Jungkook wanted what his friends had, a mate of his own, a mark on his shoulder, one he could proudly show off, instead of having to watch everyone else do it. He had never brought it up, never said much about it besides acknowledging that mates existed, he had never given you any reason to think he was jealous of all of his mated friends, that he was upset he was one of the last in his pack to be mated.

It was a week before your wedding date when you’d brought it up again, as you watched him cook dinner, the frown still on your face from being kicked out of the kitchen. 

“So what’s the reason for it? Is it just a marking thing?”

There was a much longer list than you’d anticipated, the reasons continuing on and on. It had something to do with scents, apparently mated wolves smelled different. They smelt like themselves mixed with their partner’s scent, no matter how long it had been since they’d last been around each other. It had to do with marking, yes, just a bit, the same effect love bites or hickeys had on humans but much more permanent. It wasn’t a bruise that would fade away after a few days, it wasn’t anything you could cover up with enough concealer. It had to do with bonds, apparently your body would react to him differently as a mate. Your heartbeats would sync up, you would be able to feel his emotions in a less than human way, even your dreams would occasionally intertwine.  

“It feels like you’re one person, like it doesn’t matter where one begins and the other ends. There’s no stronger way to give yourself to someone than mating, at least to a werewolf. It’s a trust thing, being that vulnerable but it’s also showing your partner that you want to be with them forever. Breakups can happen but mating bonds don’t break, no matter what.”

“Why aren’t we mated then?”

“There’s no such thing as a human mating with a werewolf.”

You could hear the sadness in his voice, knowing that you’d been right about all of it. He did want it, just as badly as you wanted to marry him. He attempted to change the subject by showing off the results of his new recipe, feeding you a spoonful and waiting for your reaction. You gave up for the time being, not wanting to push him on what must be a sensitive subject. You instead went to Jin the next day, who supposedly had a human mate, at least that’s what you’d been told.

“I honestly thought we were already mated. Everyone’s always called us mates.” you told him, watching as his daughter chased after a butterfly, her giggles filling the air as she did.

“He’s bonded to you, not mated.” Upon seeing the confusion on your face, he continued on. “Bonds happen before the mating. It’s like the crush before you fall in love. Normally bonds are only meant to last a year, two at the most. Long enough for the two to get to know each other but it’s kinda a pre-destined thing so we don’t really care about waiting around too long. But with humans it’s different, humans like taking things slow. It’ll freak a lot of them out if you suggest forever so quickly.” 

“He said humans couldn’t mate with werewolves.”

“And that’s true. The biting part has to leave an actual mark, human teeth can’t leave that type of scar on us, we heal too quickly. And our teeth would cut too deep in a human and they wouldn’t be able to heal quick enough.”

“So then how’d you do it? You married a human.”

“Humans don’t always have to stay humans.” he pointed out, flipping the meat on the barbecue. “You’d be a hybrid but you’d still be part werewolf. Enough to leave a scar and enough to be considered his mate.”

That same night, you’d asked Jungkook about it. He’d nearly choked on the water he was drinking, taking a minute or two to nearly cough up a lung before he turned to you with wide eyes. You would’ve laughed at his overreaction if you weren’t so worried that you were pushing him too far out of his comfort zone. You knew he’d offered it before but it had over a year since then and a lot had changed since then.

“Your parents would hate me forever. They’d disown you.”

“Jungkook, they’re coming to the wedding, they’re already coming around to the idea.”

“Yeah, of me being a werewolf. You being one is an entirely different story. It’s taken them this long to talk to you, how do you think they’d react to you letting me turn you?”

“The same way they reacted to me dating a werewolf. They’d be pissed off but they’d accept that it was my choice and support it. They’d get over it.”

“Do you actually want to be a werewolf or do you just want to be one for me? Because you do realize you don’t get to go back to being human. You’ll deal with full moons, with the pros and the cons. You know it’s not a walk in the park.”

“I want this. I’ll deal with the downsides because you’ll show me how. You’ll help me through all of it, the same way I helped you through it. We’re a team, it’s only fair that I get to have claws too.”

He eyed you for a few more moments, analyzing your facial expression to make sure you weren’t hesitating. Of course on the inside, he was jumping for joy at the thought of you being a werewolf, being able to make you his mate but he knew that it was a big decision. It wasn’t something you decided overnight, although the two of you had somewhat seriously somewhat jokingly thrown around the idea a few times before, it had never been an actual possibility. You had never looked so sure, so serious that you wanted him to do it. He was expecting you to shove at his shoulder any moment, breaking the serious moment, but you didn’t. You looked into his eyes and repeated it, “I want this.” It took everything he had in him to not close the distance between the two of you right then and there but he held back.

“I want you to be absolutely sure you want this before I do it, I don’t want you to regret it later on just because you didn’t give yourself enough time to think about it. Wait for the wedding night. If you still want me to turn you then, I’ll do it.”