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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by Aman

The beautiful China Chow is a professional Fashion model. She is also an actress. She is of British nationality. She belongs to Chinese, Japanese, German American and Scottish ethnicity. She was born on April, 1974. She is the daughter of Michael Chow and his wife Tina. Tina passed away in 1992. She died of HIV/AIDS. She was herself a fashion icon and a designer of her time. It’s no surprise, she got the modeling genes from her mom. China is the only person to have graduation degree in her family. She received her graduation from Scripps College. She had majored in Psychology.


She was discovered by casting director, Roger Mussenden. She spent several years in modeling. It all came naturally to her. She had it in her blood. She modeled for Shiseido, cosmetic brand in Japan. She’s also worked for other International labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. She had a charisma in her. Her modeling capabilities landed her in ‘It Girls’ by Harper’s Bazaar.


She had the unconventional looks. She has the Asian appearance with brown eyes and black hair. Though of short height, she left her mark in the Fashion industry. She is only five feet and two inches tall. It’s applaud  how she managed to survive in the glamour industry ruled by woman with voluptuous figure and tall stance. She was opposite of all that and yet she build her own identity. China has that aura in her which makes her noticed. She’s not tall but she has that attitude and fire in her. She has maintained her bodily shape over the years. She knows what a tough industry she’s in. She works out regularly. She eats healthy food, nothing fattening and fast food. She follows a strict diet plan. It’s amazing how she can pull off the bikini look with such ease. Her perfectly toned body and her sexy pair of legs help her rock the swim wear avatars. Apart from modeling, she also enjoys acting. She debuted in silver screen in the movie titled ‘The Big Hit’ alongside Mark Wahlberg. She’s rumored to be dating the Hollywood actor. Later, she showed her acting skills in ‘Head Over Heels. The feature film was released back in 2001. It was a romantic comedy film. She has also done Television. She was casted in the TV hit series ‘Burn Notice’ as Lucy in one of the episodes. In the most recent times, she was seen as judge in the reality TV show ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’ which aired back in 2010.


The successful China Chow is thirty three years of age. But unfortunately, she has not found love of her life. She has not married anyone. She does not have a husband to say. However, it is rumored that she is dating Steve Coogan, who is forty two years of age. He is smitten by her charisma and personality and according to sources; he is preparing to propose his love interest. The possibility is that she might marry him and live a happily ever after. Hopefully, they won’t divorce if in case, they tie the knots.


She is in her thirties. She’s a model and an actress. She is the restaurant heir. She’s enjoying her life. She is estimated to have the net worth total of $ 10 million dollars. China did a fabulous job in her professional career. She’s paid a good amount of salary by her clients too. She lives a luxurious life in New York and Los Angeles. However, her detailed information about her professional and personal life is not given in Wikipedia.