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Things You Need To Know About Recreational Dispensaries in Nevada When it comes to the medical marijuana, Nevada has many years of experience. In the year 2016, however, the voters in that state approved a legislation of the recreational cannabis. This led to a change in how the state handles and governs cannabis. Those residents and tourists that are above 21 years can now purchase and possess marijuana. The state of Nevada is now able to run marijuana that is medical and also marijuana for recreation. The residents of Nevada had ushered in the recreational cannabis in 2016. It was only in July of the year 2017 that the law began to take effect and some recreational stores were opened. There are more than 50 stores that sell marijuana in the state of Nevada. In Las Vegas is where most of these shops are found. These recreational sales are available to any individuals who his above 21 years and has a valid ID. You need to be a resident of Nevada for you to get the new medical cards. You should then have a state approved physician to certify that medical marijuana could have therapeutic benefits in your treatment. Most of the medical patients for cannabis are mainly above 18 years. However, this does not mean that those patients under 18 are exempted from this program.
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Becoming a medical member will need you to pay a certain amount of money. You can then be enrolled in the program. However, for those patients that have not attained the age of 18 need to have a guardian with them.
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It is, however, still illegal to choose to smoke marijuana in public places. Doing this will get you a misdemeanor criminal penalty even if you are a medical patient. When you want to smoke, it is best that you find a private place. This may be somewhat constricting, but it is brought about by the fact that there is an overlap of the federal laws and the gaming laws. The smoking of cannabis cannot also be done in the casinos and hotels. If you are a tourist and desire to enjoy using cannabis, the best solution for you is to look for other choices like the drinks. If you are a medical patient in Nevada, you are allowed to cultivate your marijuana for various reasons. The first is if the store near you closes or does not have the quantity you need. One other issue that could cause you to be allowed to plant is when you or your guardian have mobility issues.