Fine gift 1st anniversary idea year dating trio!

Thursday, March 01, 2018 by Axim

Are you looking for unique first anniversary date ideas? Is the clock ticking as you struggle to think of a way to show your wife how much you love her, one year after your big day? Is your wife incessantly sending winks your way as though she knows you have an incredible first anniversary date planned? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you can wipe the sweat off your forehead because your search stops here.

Celebrating the first anniversary can be daunting for anyone (scratch that– everyone!) The pressure is on, and you know that your one year wedding anniversary is the one that raises the bar for many more to come. I have good news though, and it may be easier than you were expecting. When brainstorming first anniversary date ideas, there is only one simple principle to follow: Create an anniversary tradition that will last a lifetime.

Why tradition? Here’s why. Marriages evolve, families grow, careers change, but the one thing that holds constant are the unique rituals and traditions you follow as a couple. Rituals are the little things you share together that make your marriage special and personal. Do you have a favorite song? A favorite movie you love watching over and over? A special restaurant that is “your place”? Incorporate these routines when thinking of first anniversary date ideas! Research has proven that rituals and traditions can further enhance the bonds of marriage, create intimacy, and make people “feel happier, better loved, and more strongly a part of families.”

So, what is a life-long tradition you can start on your first wedding anniversary?

Traditional First Anniversary Date Ideas

For generations, each year of marriage has had a traditional material associated with it. They start simple (paper, cotton) and become more luxurious (diamond), symbolizing the growth of a marriage. The traditional gift for the 1st anniversary is paper. Paper conjures images of love letters, a marriage license, or a scrapbook of memories. On an even deeper level, paper symbolizes the blank page, and writing your “story” together as a couple.

Paper Anniversary Themed Date

On your first anniversary date, why not celebrate with a paper theme? We love this idea! The most memorable experiences are always creative, surprising and unexpected! Here are some ideas to follow the “paper” tradition.

1. Paper Scavenger Hunt

Take her on a meaningful journey with a scavenger hunt featuring items made solely of paper! Begin with a note reminiscent of the night you first met and hide it in a secret crevice in your home. She will be delighted to follow your handwritten clues until she is brought back to a cherished place- maybe the coffee shop where you had your first date, or the hill where you proposed.


2. Anniversary Love Letter

Give a written anniversary letter listing everything you love about her on some beautiful stationary. Paper Anniversary by Anna V offers lovely notecards, decorated with traditional papers from all around the world.


3. Photo Balloons

Why not hang some noteworthy “paper” photos, and write personalized messages on the backs? What a surprising first anniversary date idea!


4. Memory Scrapbook

Revive her nostalgia by creating an album with photos of the two of you that begins with your first date. In the age of the iPhone, there’s nothing more refreshing than a collection of printed photographs that can be kept as family relics.


5. Handcrafted Paper Jewelry by Anna V.

I’ve helped hundreds of husbands find the perfect way to honor the paper tradition, with my unique origami-inspired paper jewelry. I handcraft jewelry from exotic papers that I collects from Italy, Thailand and Japan. Our first anniversary gift sets are the ultimate “paper anniversary” gift that tell a story, and can be cherished for years to come. The gift sets include earrings, a necklace, matching note card, luxurious box & free shipping. With such a lovely and thoughtful gift like this, you will be starting your anniversary tradition in a memorable, beautiful, and unique way.

I hope you enjoyed these first anniversary date ideas and paper gift inspiration! Most importantly, plan an anniversary date that is true to you as a couple!

About the Author: Anna V designs unique jewelry from paper from all around the world. She’s helped hundreds of loving husbands find a perfect, timeless paper anniversary gift. Explore some her best-selling first anniversary gifts below.