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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 by Axim

Episodes 5301-5302 (06,07-08-2013)

Scene 1 (00:05)

Anni: Another latte macchiato? I’ll get you one.

Tuner: She’s doing great.

Dominik: The expert is speaking.

Tuner: Absolutely!

Dominik: But which expert? The gastronome or the womanizer?

Tuner: Both of them!

Pia: Hey, here I am. I really hurried up!

Dominik: Hi Pia, Anni is working on probation.

Pia: How is she doing?

Dominik: The expert thinks she’s good.

Pia: Great, so I have time to hang up my posters.

Hey Anni.

Anni: Hey.

Tuner: So, what do you think?

Anni: I’m having fun. But the staring annoys me a bit.

Tuner: If they are rude to you, I’m the boss. I’ll kick them out.

Dominik: No, but if you’re having stress, you can work with me behind the bar.

Tuner: Or you could work with ME behind the bar.

Anni: Guys, you both should be behind the bar. I think this means less stress.

Mesut: Hey.

Pia: HEY! Dude!

Mesut: Be careful, you’ll fall down.

Pia: Yeah, sure…

Tuner: Pia, by the way. John is coming too tonight.

Pia: Okay.

Anni: John?

Pia: My ex-boyfriend.

Anni: Okay…

Scene 2 (1:27)

Pia: Oh, come on! I don’t get it right. It always looks so screwy.

Jasmin: Where is it? Ah, here. This one!

Pia: Yes. Oh no, I don’t use any before I look like a fool.

Jasmin: I’ll do it.

Turn around!

Close your eyes.

John is also coming to the party?

So, hey, you’re looking good!

Pia: Thank you.

Jasmin: Have a look! Perfect for intense gazes.

Pia: Well… so…

Jasmin: John will think you’re hot, believe me!

Pia: Yeah?

Scene 3 (2:30)

Pia: Great idea, to celebrate here and on the second floor.

Tuner: Yes, it would be too narrow upstairs and too boring downstairs. I mean, we’re celebrating our new apartment, right?

Pia: Mh, how are you dealing with the walk-through room? Or are you sleeping in one room?

Tuner: No, one of us has to tone down.

Pia: And which one?

Tuner: The decision will be made tonight.

Mesut: Hey, I spread all the flyers.

Pia: Nice!

Mesut: And with all the posters, this is gonna be a great campaign for the “Mauer flower“. I’m so looking forward to the festival. Wow, you’re looking good.

Can I have a coffee please?

John: Hey. Only the best for our main competitor.

Tuner: Ey, stop kissing my ass. Do you wanna drink something?

John: Beer please.

Dominik: Hi John.

John: Hi Dominik. Can I introduce you, this is Elena. Tuner – Elena. She’s a waitress at our club.

Tuner: Hola señora.

Dominik: If you wanna get rid of John, you’re always welcome here. Do you wanna drink something?

Elena: Yes, a mojito please.

Pia: You got a new waitress?

John: Yeah.

Pia: She looks nice.

John: Mhhm.

Elena: There is the stage?

Dominik: Yes, there’s our little party zone. You can have a look if you want to.

John: Sure, why not. I’m game!

Elena: Okay.

Mesut: Eh, where is my coffee?

Scene 4 (4:01)

Tuner: Hey, you got everything?

Anni: Tell me, do you have some loose cash?

Tuner: Sure!

Anni: I don’t think this is enough.

Tuner: You’re right. There are of course some more interesting spots.

Anni: And there are also some more interesting pick-up lines! The “magic trick-opener“, really? Nice try.

Dominik: Ha, there are worse things than a walk-through room.

Tuner: Shut up! Don’t be happy too soon! The woman is a hard nut to crack.

Dominik: Hmm, where am I going to put my furniture?

Scene 5 (4:48)

Jasmin: Hey.

Anni: Hey, what are you drinking?

Jasmin: Sparkling wine on ice, please.

Kurt: Beer please.

Jasmin: Congratulations on the new apartment!

Mesut: Ey, where are you going?

Pia: I just wanna have a look upstairs.

Mesut: Didn’t you realize how he greeted you?

Pia: Who? Oh, John… of course he first of all blocks me.

Mesut: Why is that?

Pia: To protect his feelings?

Mesut: Which feelings? The feelings for you or for his new chick? Oh, come on, go on! Perhaps you will realize what a loser he is.

Scene 6 (5:30)

Tuner: It’s your turn.

Dominik: Okay. Trust your feelings. Use the force, Luke! What a bad saying.

Anni: Ahem, five beers and seven sparkling wines.

Dominik: Hey, why don’t you take a break?

Anni: Dude, they are all thirsty?

Dominik: So what, let them wait. Half of them can drink for free.

Anni: Okay?

Dominik: By the way, cool tattoos!

Anni: Thanks.

Dominik: Yeah well, the forearm is already very good, but…

Anni: … but there are some more interesting spots, yeah? I know, Tuner said that as well. Oops. I think it’s really cute that you two have the same pick-up encyclopedia, but I give you a little hint: Have a look at the letter L.

Dominik: L like ‘Läuft’ (All right)?

Anni: No, L like lesbian.

Tuner: Läuft. (All right.)

Scene 7 (7:05)

Pia: You’re such an asshole!

John: Pia!

Pia: Why are you doing this to me? Why?

John: Are you crazy?

Elena: I’m better going.

John: No, wait! What’s your problem?

Pia: You’re here kissing her…

John: Seems familiar to me. Only reversed.

Pia: You’re an asshole.

John: Pia, we broke up! When will you get it? I can do what I want, okay?

Scene 8 (7:40)

Anni: Come on, guys. Don’t look so sad.

Tuner: Tell me, that you like lesbians… eh women… is it just a phase?

Anni: And that you’re liking women is also just a phase?

Tuner: Nooo.

Dominik: So, walk-through room for everyone.

Anni: What walk-through room?

Tuner: We made fools of ourselves!

Anni: Guys, no problem! This happens all the time to me.This round is on me!

You look like you could need a drink as well.

Pia: That’s not helping me either.

Mesut: Hey, you’re alright?

Pia: Everything’s shit!

Scene 9 (8:16)

John: I’m sorry about that.

Elena: It’s alright.

John: Pia and I broke up very long ago, so…

Elena: I think you should try to come clean with her.

John: There’s nothing to clarify.

Elena: Goodbye.

John: What…? Eh…? Thank you, Pia.

Scene 10 (8:49)

Tuner: This Elena…

Mesut: John…

Dominik: But hey, you’ve broken up!

Philipp: What’s that for a bad atmosphere? Can I get a beer?

Anni: I’ll do it.

Tuner: Being lovesick is shit, but it gets better.

Pia: Time heals everything.

Mesut: But now you see what an asshole he is. What did I tell you all the time? John is a pussy. He doesn’t deserve you.

Scene 11 (9:40)

Mesut: Right. Tick this loser off.

Tuner: He’s right…

Pia: He can watch my back.

John: I’m leaving.

Philipp: Why? Because of Pia or why?

John: Nevermind!

What? Am I now the bad guy?

Dominik: Yeah, that’s something you have to go through now.

So, there was some ice left in the shop.

Tuner: Where is the receipt?

Dominik: I’ll get it tomorrow.

Mesut: Just forget him.

Pia: I would love to, but it’s not that easy.

Mesut: You need a real man. With balls and someone who…

Pia: Someone like you!

Mesut: I didn’t say that, but…

Pia: Yeah sure…

Mesut: I would even dance with you!

Anni: Come on, stop being sad. I’m on my break and you’re going to dance with me.

Come on, let’s go.

Pia: No, Anni. No, I’m not in the mood.

Scene 12 (11:20)

Jasmin: Pia, we have to leave. Gotta be up very early tomorrow.

Pia: Okay, bye!

Jasmin: Bye, have fun!

Pia: You know what, fuck this.

Philipp: You don’t know it, do you?

Mesut: Am I a girl, or what?

Philipp: You sure look like one.

Mesut: Ey, whiskey and coke please.

Tuner: It’s too bad she only likes women.

Dominik: Yeah, what a waste.

Mesut: Who?

Tuner: Anni!

Mesut: Anni is a lesbian?

Tuner: Yeah, exactly. No hitting on her.

Scene 13 (12:08)

Philipp: Dude, I gotta go. You can change houses more often!

Dominik: You can have a party anyway.

Pia: I need some water.

Anni: Okay. I’m back to work again.

Mesut: Be careful with her. Bare skin and dancing close.

Pia: Why?

Mesut: She’s into girls.

Pia: Eh Anni, you’re a lesbian?

Anni: Seems to be the hottest news here!

Tuner: I gotta go.

Anni: Yes, yes.

Mesut: What?

Pia: I also had a thing with a woman.

Mesut: But not really… not with…

Pia: Yes, really. With sex. And it was really great.

Anni: You should try as well.

Mesut: Huh?

Pia: Anni means being with a guy.

Mesut: What? I’m totally into women, dude!

Anni: You see, we have something in common!

Pia: You wanna dance?

Anni: Of course!

Pia: It’s okay, right?

Tuner: Sure, go on!

Scene 14 (13:16)

Philipp: No baby screaming.

Come on, tell me. Pia?

John: Elena and I made out. Pia saw us and freaked out.

Philipp: Uh, nice.

John: Elena left, because she thinks I’m not over Pia.

Philipp: Which isn’t entirely wrong.

John: What? Pia and I are over, you know that.

Philipp: Yes, of course.

John: She has to stay out of my life. I don’t interfere in hers.

Philipp: I’m going to bed.

Scene 15 (14:40)

Pia: Pssst, the others are sleeping.

Anni: So, try to be quiet! Careful!

Pia: So. Salami, cheese and margarine. All out of your box!

Anni: Only exceptional!

Pia: Yeah, nice.

Anni: It’s my treat today.

Pia: Yes, you’re a real cook.

Anni: Oh, wait, wait!

Pia: More out of your box? You’re very generous today! We gotta do this more often, okay? Partying together?

Anni: Sure.

Pia: Good.

Anni: You’re welcome.

Pia: Cheers!

Anni: Cheers!

Pia: Eh, it’s disgusting. Hey Anni, I’m really glad we met.

Anni: Yes, it was a lucky strike!

Pia: Yeah!

Anni: Especially because I get VIP tickets to the Mauer Flower. Kurt invited me to watch the sound engineers. That’s gonna be so awesome!

What’s up now?

Pia: I just… the festival… I’m only doing this for John.

Scene 16 (16:38)

Philipp: Morning!

John: You call that sleeping late?

Philipp: Today yes. Did you stay outside all night?

Anni: Marriage?

Pia: Yeah, because John proposed to me on the festival last year.

Anni: But at that time you were having sex with his best friend? Sorry.

Philipp: And? Did you think about it?

Anni: You wanna make up for your mistake?

Pia: Exactly. And I will be John’s wife…

Anni: You’re a kitch doll.

Pia: Yes, that’s how I am.

Fine, but how can I do it? How do I get him out of my mind?

Anni: Let him go. Distract yourself with other guys.

Scene 17 (18:00)

Kurt: Hey John.

John: Hi Kurt. I gotta speak to Pia.

Kurt: It’s fucking early, dude!

John: I know… but it’s important.

Kurt: I don’t know, come in. When Jasmin and I went home, Pia was still celebrating. I don’t know. Just go to her room, okay?