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Sunday, September 17, 2017 by Sungo

30 Russian Profile Pic Fails that will make you give up on dating forever or extremely happy that you have already tied the knot. You surely won’t find these on e-harmony.

Funny Sexy Profile Pic Fails

So Hot, No You’re Not

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Payday Pavel – Would you like to touch his rubles?


Kolbasa Katyusha – Not Sexy, but boy, she does like her wieners


Princess Polina – Translation: “Not Yours” …well put


Lev the Limber – His door’s wide open ladies


Nasty Nastya – Though she can inflate her boobs with a cigar… still not sexy


Fearless Fedot – Ninja Warrior of the paddle court, still not sexy


 Plucky Petrushka – Cock-a-doodle-don’t


Desya the Desperate – Reply now or fish gets it


Shining Shura – She loves Stephen King novels… and acting them out


I can see it


Finger Lickin’ Fekla – A pigeon drumstick and a glass of red is all it takes


Rosie Rena – Gee, her hair smells terrific, but still not sexy


As Lionel Richie once sang, “Oh, what a feeling, when you’re dangling from the ceiling”


Boleslav the Baker – he’s got bun for your oven… and a dog


Princess Polina – She’ll serve finest vodkas while you relax and enjoy Russian remakes of “Married With Children” on her fine 19″ color TV.