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Tuesday, July 10, 2018 by Sanya

One last point, if you want to buy a snowplow and start a business, it can be a good thing. You will need to realize that your regular vehicle insurance will many times not cover you if you are using your truck for commercial plowing. You also can be subjecting your truck to greater than average wear and tear. Plowing snow can be very hard on transmissions and frames. It has been said that constant plowing can reduce a vehicles lifetime by a half, but this is not a proven fact. Remember, the bigger the truck, the better is should be able to put up with the rigors of plowing.

For those that want to appear professional, make up some invoices with your computer. Use these to bid on jobs. If you are bidding on a plowing job, try to specify things like where you will push the snow to, if they call you to plow or you show up when it snows a certain amount, are you paid for the whole season up front or each time you plow and importantly, who is responsible if something is damaged by your plowing?

I have found one instance of plowing software to help manage your plowing accounts by Adkad Technologies. I have not used or am I familiar with their software so I can not make any comments about the software package they produce called Blizzard Buster.

Chuck Smith has written a post on one of the newsgroups about bidding on a plowing contract and he has given his permission for me to post it here. Chuck gives some great business pointers.

Other information sources

The only magazine articles I have ever seen that talk about snowplows were both in Four Wheeler magazine. Neither of the articles are online but here are the references.

  • Four Wheeler Magazine, October, 1992 - Article Titled "Project Run-A-Blade"
  • Four Wheeler Magazine, February, 1990 - Article Titled "Snowbegone"

Reprints of the Project Run-A-Blade article are available from Four Wheeler, see article reprint list index and ordering information.

I have also found a link with a snowplow safety video and also a how-to plow video. Both videos appear to be geared more to the commercial segment of plowing and I have not seen either video. Check out the FLI Learning Systems, Inc page on snowplow instruction and safety videos.

There is a national, non-profit organization providing resources and information to members of the snow and ice industry. They are called the Snow and Ice Management Association. Please visit their web site for more information about them.

Chuck Smith has put together a new web site that covers much all of his original snowplowing information and added plenty of other new items. Be sure to visit his new snowplowing web site located at the Snowplowing Contractors Network.

There is now also some discussion forums for snowplowing related issues located at PlowSite.com. There are five different forums related specifically to your snowplowing questions and problems. This is a great site to hang out at with a bunch of other snowplowers. Be sure to visit and browse at least the Snow Plowing Discussion forum.

DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse or recommend any of the plows or manufacturers listed on this page. On the other hand, if a complete 8 foot V-plow setup were to show up on my doorstep, I might change my mind, even an 8 foot straight blade would probably change my mind.

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