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PHOTOS| Facts About Jun Hasegawa’s ex Boyfriend & Husband & Babies

Jun Hasegawa is a fashion model for magazines like ViVi, Glamorous, JJ, Classy and 25ans.

Her father is American and her mother is Japanese.

She was born in New Hampshire but moved to Hawaii soon after her birth and was raised there.



She had dated Makidai from a hip hop dance group, EXILE

Two years after Jun moved to Japan, she started dating Makidai. They had dated for four years from 2004 to fall, 2007.

She explained the reason of their break-up as “their busy schedules” to the media.

In her essay book, she writes;

“My love has ended. All these four years that I had spent time with him. He had helped me out emotionally because I had been extremely lonely ever since moving to Japan from Hawaii.”

“It was a serious relationship.” 

“All I feel is just gratitude. Pure gratitude for him for being there for me” 

“Without him, I would have been even more lonely and would have given up living in Japan and moved back to Hawaii”

“More than anything, I had enjoyed every time spent with him”



Her husband is Taiwanese American

After breaking up with Makidai in 2007, Jun began dating a Taiwanese American businessman, who owns several shoe stores in Hawaii.

She announces her marriage to her boyfriend in 2011.

Here are some pictures / photos of her now husband.

According to the media, she and her husband had a very small wedding in Hawaii where they invited only their family members and a small group of their friends.


She has a daughter and is expecting a second child

One year after her marriage, June delivers a beautiful daughter in December, 2012.

Her kid may not look like a girl in this picture, but looks more girly in the picture below;

With this very photo posted on Instagram, June announced she is expecting a second child.

She is scheduled to deliver a baby by the end of this year.


Currently she works in Japan for one to two weeks and goes back to Hawaii for the rest of the month to be with her family every month.



 - Exile, Jun Hasegawa


Jun Hasegawa – Profile & Stats & Trivia –

English Stage Name: Jun Hasegawa   Japanese Stage Name: 長谷川潤   Birth Name: Jun Cavanaugh Hasegawa   Nickname: Jun, Jun-chan   Origin: Born in New Hampshire, United States Grew up in Hawaii, United States   Blood Type: O   Height: …