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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 by Nadia

“I was shocked beyond words when I saw my daughter’s lifeless body. The daughter I was working hard to give a good life to. My daughter died smiling”

People will never look like what they have gone through and that includes Citizen TV news anchor Kanze Dena.

The gorgeous News anchor Kanze Dena who recently introduced her baby daddy has opened up once again.

Before people knew Kanze, she was a cleaner and waitress at a city hotel on Mombasa Road.

Kanze opened up to Jalang’o and Jeff Koinange about her start in life when she cleared high school.

After completing high school, my mum who was very strict did not wantme to stay at home.

I started by peeling potatoes and I used to be at work by 5am. I later on upgraded from a potato peeler “Kuchonga viazi” to a cleaner.

Kanze Dena nostalgically recalled how she endured back and hand pain as she worked the whole day.

Later on, I started receiving orders and was upgraded to a waitress. It was not an easy job. The orders were too many and since it was not a fancy high end hotel one could easily mix up orders. Some customers would insult me referring a fool who did not go to school if I got orders wrong.

Kanze whose other name is Beatrice left the job and got a new job at the CBD.

She continued with her profession at Vezbar hotel until she found out that she was pregnant six months into the job.

Going by the timeline she shared, Kanze completed school in 1996 because she left her job at the hotel in 1998 when the US Embassy bomb blast occurred.

“I carried my pregnancy in secrecy because of my strict mum”

My water broke while I was visiting my grand mother and had to cook up a lie to go deliver.

Kanze narrated how she later delivered at Pumwani and was shocked when her mum came to visit her at the hospital.

Since she was living in a hostel, she did not know where to go . She was also supposed to give her baby out for adoption as she was not psychologically prepared to raise a baby.

Kanze Instead gave her mother her baby and she started cleaning clothes in order to provide for her new family.

One day I was called to go home though I was not given a reason why. I left Nairobi and when I got home I found people from my village at our compound. I was shocked beyond words when I saw my daughter’s lifeless body. The daughter I was working hard to give a good life to. We could not afford a post mortem so I did not know what killed my daughter. My mother told me she died smiling as life left her tiny body

All Kanze Dena could say is that her daughter was all smiles when she died.

Life had to move on for Kanze Dena who decided to focus on working hard. Her daughter would be 16 years old today.
She started out at KBC and is now a top Swahili news anchor with Citizen TV in Kenya with her best friend Lulu Hassan whom she met online.

She is also a mum to an 11 year old boy whose daddy she recently introduced as they are co-parenting.

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