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Tuesday, September 19, 2017 by Kurac

Bigg Boss Season 6 reaches its finale and here we have some of the love triangles which were seen in the house…

Throughout the season of Bigg Boss 6eason 6 : Alag Che, we have seen sizzling chemistry between the contestants. We have some love triangles which were formed in the house during the show…

Karishma-Vishal-Sana : Sanaa and Karishma were best of friends before Vishal entered the house, but soon after Vishal entered, the two ladies broke apart. Vishal and Sanaa stopped talking to each other for 9 days in the house, post which the two made up and Sanaa started poisoning Vishal’s relationship with her.

Sanaa-Rajev-Delnaz: While Delnaaz and Sanaa have been best of friends, Rajev’s chemistry with Sana has become the talk of the town. There are times when the two are seen cozying up, kissing and touching each other. They tell each other how they will be together post the show. While Delnaz would not react to any of this, she recently showed signs of getting agitated when Rajev flirted with Sanaa in front of her and told Rajev the same.

Sanaa-Rajev-Karishma: Sanaa and Rajev were best of pals soon after the show began. While the two kept having fights on and off, there was one particular incident when Rajev tried apologizing to Sanaa but she would not listen. That was when he diverted his attention to Karishma and called her a sweet girl. His stint with Karishma sadly lasted only a day since Karishma was evicted the very next day. Taking this up as an issue, Sanaa refuse to talk to Rajev for one whole day while at the end of it the two kissed and patched up.

Aashka-Santosh-Karishma: While in the padosi house, Santosh was seen hitting on Aashka, his colour changed as soon as he entered the main house. Soon after he was seen getting close to Karishma, Aashka lost her cool on him and called him a dubious man without character since she then understood that all he was trying to do was just faff his love for her which she did not appreciate. On the other hand, Karishma asked Santosh to stay away too since according to her he was overdoing it.

Mink-Niketan-Urvashi: The trio have been best of friends. While Mink was a wild card entry on the show, Urvashi took her time to get along but soon turned to be her best friend. While there was a little dispute between the two for Niketan, it was never out in open. However Niketan chose his favorites too. While he had an option of walking out with a bag filled with 2,00,000, he chose instead to spend a few more days inside the house with Urvashi.

Niketan-Karishma-Vishal: While Karishma and Niketan were ex’s and always shared a good relationship in the house. There was a time when Niketan was irked at Karishma for getting close to Vishal. He advised her to stay away from him. This was one of the reasons why he would not get along well with Vishal as well.

This show was truly entertaining as the previous seasons with the ‘tadka’ of Alag Che.