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Being a celebrity usually puts untold pressure on relationships but somehow, while some have managed to weave a beautiful fairy tale for themselves others have taken a different direction writes Caroline Nyanga

Barely a few weeks after his successful tour in South Africa-celebrated gospel star Papa Dennis found himself on the spot making news for the wrong reasons.

This comes after allegations about his self confessed girlfriend Martha Wajero, a Daystar University student who reportedly went berserk over rumors that her heartthrob was dating a Johannesburg based model whose cozy photos with the singer were earlier forwarded to the Standard.

To make matters worse, close sources reveal that Papa Dennis has been under pressure from his mother to marry Martha, something that has not gone down well with him and is almost spinning his showbiz life in the wrong direction.

“I want to make it clear that these are mere rumors. Truth is, I have never been pressured into marriage by anyone,” he adds.

According to the reigning gospel star, Martha is a close childhood friend who he worked with on social media for close to two months besides featuring her in his earlier video.


“During the time I sort permission from her mother to work with her as a friend and colleague but in between realized that she had a different motive.

“The fact that she went around telling her friends and insisting we are an item and even going public about it made me realize that she was up to no good,” he says, adding that he is single and that his family and career comes first.

Meanwhile, a seemingly jilted Martha while admitting that they have had irreconcilable problems - denies ever having spoken to any media house.

“There is a lady imposter who Papa Dennis is currently hitting on and she is the one going around tarnishing my name through bad press,” she says adding that efforts to get in touch with her have proved futile since she chose to switch off her phone permanently.”

Asked whether they is pressure on them to tie the knot- Martha who could not confirm nor deny the allegations simply downplays the whole issue.

Former beauty queen Cecilia Mwangi is another person who has not been spared by the local media.

Recent reports not only claim that the gorgeous single parent accused the father of the child former MP Mungatana of neglecting her together with their child but further reports insinuate that she was pressured into the relationship by her late mother.

But Cecilia is quick to brush off the allegations terming them untrue. She claims she was busy doing community work in Makueni when she was informed by family and friends of the trending fabricated stories about her personal life on social media.

“Truth is, we were a normal couple who went through issues just like any other couple. The fact that the child is in good health is enough,” says Cecelia who was crowned Miss Kenya title 11 years ago.

She says their decision to end their relationship was based on a mutual understanding adding that she dated the former MP out of her own will.

“We live in a modern world where we (children) are independent to make our decisions and receive the necessary guidance and support from our parents,” she says adding that he mother in particular was an open minded and supportive person.

Kenya’s undisputed king of dancehall music Redsan is one person whose marriage to Viverz Mohammed aka Lilo a Nairobi University alumni in 2012, has continuously raised eyebrows.

The fact that he dated his long time fiancé Delilah for over a decade who he jealously protected from the public glare while she equally stood by him through the test of time a clear demonstration of love that not even time could erode.

But just when his fans awaited the huge celebrity wedding – for some reason their relationship had taken u- turn- much to the chagrin of his fans. To date Redsan who has been married for close to four years has never cleared the air on what went wrong between him and his heartthrob Delilah with whom many often referred to them as a perfect match.

Renowned Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi who recently proposed to his Italian-Kenyan beauty girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli is alleged to be under pressure from his mother. 

Omondi who has in the past dated a  number of beauties in vain - seem to have found his Mrs Right after several years of soul searching.

To prove his intent he has been posting several pictures of his proposal on his social media page a sign that he has finally found true love.

“I am not  being pressured by anybody. I am a grownup who knows what he wants in life and so is Shantel,” he says.

The lovebirds who have been engaged for an undisclosed period now have been seen getting cozy as they grace the high-end ceremonies locking arms.

Eric Omondi, who is so proud of his fiancée, describes the light-skinned beauty as ‘intelligent with an equally beautiful personality’.

The two met through Shantel’s mother who introduced her daughter to Eric because she is one of his greatest fans. The rest since then has been history.

After several rumors insinuating that reigning Benga star cum Kora Award winner Eric Wainaina was pressured into marrying his long term sweet heart Sheba Hearst- the worst happened- he stumbled- falling for one of his co-stars in a Broadway production but that was all Kenyan.

If anyone was to blame, he is. Most women would have left him. Tiger Wood’s wife did. But Sheba stayed by her man. She stood by him when he deserved it the least. And he understood what that meant - true love.

“ Life isn't always perfect, but love is and it's healing,’ says the wise  wise woman who understands the importance of speaking life into her man by encouraging, believing in him and being his peace.

Today, Wainaina describes his wife as the best thing that ever happened to him. “She is one in a million and I have never been  pressured by anyone to marry her,” he concludes.

Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has revealed that she is under pressure to get married and start a family. She says like many women in their 30s, her mum is already giving hints.

The actress revealed this during her last year’s visit to Kenya, when her mother in a subtle way hinted that it was time she had grandchildren .

Despite this the 12 Year A Slave sensation who broke up with rapper K'naan in 2014 points out that she has not yet found the right man to start a family with. “That will all be determined when I have that moment and that man” she concludes.

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