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Saturday, September 09, 2017 by Brian

Indra Petersons is CNN’s weather anchor. She has been serving all programming of CNN including the morning show “New Day.” Before CNN, she had worked for KABC-TV (Los Angeles, California) as a former meteorologist and general assignment reporter. She had joined the network as a weather producer though. Even prior of that, she worked as on-air meteorologist and reporter for KVIA-TV based in El Paso, Texas. She forecasted weather for KEYT-TV in Santa Barbara too.


Petersons was born in Los Angeles, California who currently stays in New York. At a very tender age, she had started developing aspirations in weather forecasting. The determination of dedicating her life in educating people about the amazing nature and hazards of weather was embedded deep and firm inside her. She attended University of Arizona where she earned Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Physics and Minors in math, physics and business. She has undergone and passed rigorous written examination that tested her understanding of weather and forecasting which as earned her the eminent title of a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist given by American Meteorological Society. Meteorologist holding the prestigious title are reviewed and rated on their performance by AMS experts as the meteorologists forecast about the critical weather information to their audience on-air. Currently, she is a professional member of American Meteorological Society as well as the National Weather Association. She was voted by public and was included in the best meteorologist on the Los Angeles Hotlist in 2011.


Petersons’s career journey started as she became an on-air meteorologist cum reporter at KVIA in El Paso, Texas. She then moved to KEYT in Santa Barbara to be an on-air meteorologist. In 2004, she even became a weather producer to Dallas Raines at ABC7 in Los Angeles, California. However, she quickly joined KABC and held the position of Eyewitness News meteorologist and general assignment reporter. Indra is a professional member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) as well as the National Weather Association (NWA).  In 2011, Indra was voted by the public as the best meteorologist on the Los Angeles Hotlist.


The recognized meteorologist loves to travel around the world. She has already gone for diving with great white sharks in Africa as well as sand boarding on the dunes of Peru. She wants to be in contact with different cultures and people so that she can learn from them. Latvian by ethnicity, she is well-versed about the unique background and culture of Latvia which she learnt in her childhood. She has good knowledge about the folk songs and dances of the country and her fluency in Latvian language is very good. She has ability to do polka dance. Her name ‘Indra’ belongs to Latvia country. Later, she realized that the name is also co-incidentally the name of Hindu God Indra. According to Hindu mythology, Indra is the god of weather, sky, rain and thunder. Indra Petersons is fond of snowboarding. She loves to spend her free time in chasing storms in tornado valley. Spending time at local mountains is a good retreat for her.


Indra Petersons became the only female meteorologist of Southern meteorologist who regularly presents the weather of KABC7. She is described as both beautiful and smart. She is an amazing presenter with fair height. Not only she delivers important information about weather, she is good in fashion sense too. It’s amazing how her Latvian name matches with the name of Hindu God of weather. She has taken tornado chasing with her fellow weather presenter Dallas Raines along with his wife and children. Petersons’s personal life is not revealed to the media yet.  She seems to have no husband as she is not married yet. It’s not quite sure if she has boyfriend or not as there is no rumor about her dating with anyone. Her bio details are very interesting to know.