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Grandios." - GQ MAGAZINE "Denn hat man einmal den Duft der grossen, weiten Dekadenz geatmet ...

will man nicht mehr weg aus dieser Welt der unausgelebten Sehnsüchte." - Süddeutsche Zeitung "the smell of decadence and sensualism as in "Les Fleurs du mal" by Baudelaire"" - Barks Japan (for German please scroll down) HEDONISM DELUXE and INTELLIGENT MUSIC - „you are the perfume everyone wants to try and you‘re the childish shame itself“ OSCA, an opulent hyperpop act born in the womb of Bavarian mountains and Japanese skyscrapers, slow-cooked in Berlin.

Und vor all dem schwebt die faszinierende Stimme von Sängerin Yuka Otsuki." - VOGUE GERMANY "Wie der Albumtitel bereits ahnen lässt, mangelt es der Edelpop-Combo nicht an Opulenz.

Der eindringliche Gesang von Yuka Otsuki reißt spätestens mit dem zweiten Song "Run Faster Run" so sehr mit, dass man sich den Tempo-Launen nicht entziehen kann.

Schalke demanded a penalty for a hand ball in stoppage time and the team mascot caused a furore after the final whistle, racing to the referee to show him a red card over his refusal to award the spot-kick.Tours in Deutschland, Schweiz, Frankreich, Italien PRESSE "Die japanisch-englisch-deutsche Band mischt in ihrem hymnischen Breitwand-Indie-Pop elektronische mit Jazz-Elementen, viel Gefühl und einer Portion selbstironischen Humor.Das erzeugt viele Soundfacetten – von hypermodern bis fast klassisch.These influences manage to generate a vast array of sounds ranging from hyper modern to something almost classical .Above all these components shines the fascinating voice of lead singer Yuka Otsuki." BARKS Japan - "the smell of decadence and sensualism as in "Les Fleurs du mal" by Baudelaire" GQ Magazine - "this noble-pop act doesn't lack opulence.

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The 1.8-tonne explosive had been found on Tuesday during work at a construction site in the centre of the Bavarian city, but authorities planned to defuse the bomb around mid-day Sunday."Today I ask everyone concerned to leave the area, if possible by themselves," said Augsburg mayor Kurt Gribi in a video message posted on the city's Twitter account.Gribi also called for "each person to verify that their relatives, parents and friends have found places to stay outside the (security) zone...Berlin (AFP) - An unwelcome Christmas surprise in southern Germany forced the evacuation of 54,000 people from their homes Sunday after the discovery of a bomb dating from World War II, local authorities said. It was a British bomb that was found in the city of Augsburg and led to the biggest mobilisation in Germany -- around 900 police officers -- since the war itself.Thiago grabbed a deserved goal to make it 4-0 before Lewandowski completed his hat-trick and Mueller earned his second goal to lift Bayern to 65 points."What can I say about him?

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