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Tamron received her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University.


Tamron was raised by her mother, Mary Newton, and step-father, Clarence Newton, Sr. Her parents supported her in her dream to become a successful American journalist. Her first reporting job was with KBTX in Texas where she worked from 1992 - 1994. She then worked at KTVT in Fort Worth from 1994 - 1997. In 1997 Tamron moved to Chicago and worked at WFLD-TV until she joined MSNBC in 2007. 

Hall also commemorated the 50th anniversary of the tower shooting at the University of Texas at Austin in a summer 2016 Investigation Discovery Channel special, “Guns on Campus: Tamron Hall Investigates”.

Back in 1992 Hall was the first African-American co-anchor to come from Luling, TX. By 2014 Hall’s net worth was reported at an impressive 5 million US Dollars.

She loves her job as well as her relationship with her viewers. The biggest achievement of her life for her is when any says her that she is so real. She includes heart while delivering the news due to which her news gives the feeling of realism. She feels the issues from her heart. This is the main reason behind her award winning personality.


Tamron Hall is a dedicated journalist who loves her job and her viewers. She is known for being authentic and caring which is why viewers have enjoyed her work. She is also an attractive woman who is healthy and fit. She is known as being attractive, with long legs and a perfect body measurement. Her trademark short hairstyle is flattering. Hall is graceful and charming. A large fan base supports Tamron Hall and she has a great number of social media followers.

Personal Life

Tamron Hall’s step-sister, Renate, was a victim of domestic violence. In 2004 Renae was found face down in the pool in Texas after being assaulted by her partner. Hall did not speak about this event until 2014. Hall realizes there were warning signs before her sister’s death and she wonders if more could have been done to help her sister.

Hall has a daughter, Elizabeth, with Lawrence O’Donnell. O’Donnell is the host of “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”. The couple was married from 1994 - 2013. There have been rumors that Hall has been married to David Hall.

Fan Following

Due to Tamron’s amazing personality, beauty, and success, she has a long list of fans, including male fan-followers. She is followed by many fans on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, her biography can be seen at different internet sites including Wiki.


Hall was nominated for an Emmy for her consumer report segment, "The Bottom Line," which first aired in 1999. Tamron served as reporter of the NBC News segment "The Inauguration of Barack Obama," which won an Emmy in October, 2010. Hall received the Lew Klein Alumni in the Media award from Temple University in 2010. She also had another Emmy nomination for her segment called "Education Nation: Teacher Town Hall" in 2011. Tamron has also been featured in several major news publications, including Ebony, Forbes, and Huffington Post.  She won an Edward R. Murrow Award for her report on domestic abuse in 2016.