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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by Alesa


What is Holistic Exercise Therapy?

Holistic Exersise Therapy is a comprehensive exercise program designed to restablize the Muscular and skeletal structure of the body in conjunction with releasing and balancing the energetic flow of the CHI or life force energy. The object of the sessions is create core strength, correct muscular length and strength throughout the boby. Also the ability to focus and quiet the mind and creating a greater mind - body connection.

Eastern Philosophies dating back thousands of years refers to the exsistence of CHi or life force energy!

The Yin and Yang theory is based the on the idea that the entire universe is one big energy field that we as human beings are a part of that energy field and every animate or inanimate object is part of that field and vibrates at its own frequency.

How Does this relate our health as a human being?

In chinese Medicine theory the body has a network of channels reffered to as meridians similar to pipes, there is 12 major one's and 2 extra meridians. When the CHI is abundant, balanced and free flowing we experiance optimum health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. On the other side of the coin when the energy is deficent,excessive,blocked or stagnant we experiance imbalance, which can manifest as an illness, pain, lethargy or a physical injury.

How is a session conducted!

The session is conducted in 3 stages.

1) 10 to 15 minutes of laying down relaxation focusing breathing tuning into the body mentally. The main focus being on breathing and circulating the energy throughout the body creating total relaxation throught the entire physical body and the mind.

2) 30 minutes - Utilizing Yoga postures and breathing in selected sequences to lenghten,strengthen and balance the physical body. Depending on the presenting symptons of the client a major emphasis is placed on strenghtening the core muscles, particularly with back pain. At certain points in the program if required a fit ball is utilized to educate the client on how to strenthen their core muscles outside of the sessions, alongside the accumulated knowledge of the yoga postures and breathing exercises. The postures and breathing exercises release toxins from the body,stimulate, stretch and invigorate the nerves. Therefore an overall stimulation to the nervous system is experianced.

3) The last 10 minutes is a laying down relaxation once again focusing on relaxing the mind and body and what is refered to in yogic terms ( filling the energy bucket)

4) At the end of the session the client experiences a greater level of well - being both mentally and physically. Each session is a building block to an elevated level of health and vitality.


Elevated level of Energy and Vitality!

Stress Management !

Relief from overall physical stiffness!

Chronic Back Pain!

Relief from Neurological problems( Eg. Disc problems)

Increase in overall energy!

Greater mind body connection!

Educated breathing practices!

Inreased level of Wellbeing!

Relaxation exercises!

Ability to deal with the day to day stresses of modern life!

Who the teacher?

Shane Molanus the founder and owner of Dragon Fist MMA and Holistic Therapy Centre, over 30 years experiance in martial arts and over 20 years experiance in Holistic Therapies. ( For a more com,prehensive information on Shane Checkout the rest of the Website.