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Saturday, October 14, 2017 by Deta

  • Power GridPower Grid

    Stop the lights when they intersect!

  • Sling Jumper 2Sling Jumper 2

    Jump on slings, bounce off walls, and collect coins.

  • Bumblebee KillerBumblebee Killer

    Kill all the bumblebees!

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  • Elliv Island Dating SimElliv Island Dating Sim

    A cool dating Sim game, with three girls to impress.

  • Ant InvasionAnt Invasion

    How many ants can you stop?

  • BBQ Hero 2: Second ServingBBQ Hero 2: Second Serving

    BBQ Hero is back for a second serving!

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  • Catch'em 2Catch'em 2

    Collect blue drops, and avoid the green ones.

  • CoBaCoLiCoBaCoLi

    Clear the colored balls.

  • Block DodgeBlock Dodge

    Dodge the oncoming blocks.

  • StarballzStarballz

    Catch the stars, in the least amount of turns possible.

  • Balls: Too ManyBalls: Too Many

    Too many mad balls colliding! How long can you survive?

  • Click-O-MeterClick-O-Meter

    Test your reflexes and click speed, while competing against others.

  • Double DodgeDouble Dodge

    Dodge incoming blocks in the fun multi-tasking game!

  • Gravity StickGravity Stick

    A stick balancing game.

  • Fire JugglerFire Juggler

    Juggle fire balls in front of your goddess.

  • BlueBall 2BlueBall 2

    Use your mouse to avoid the blue balls.

  • The Royal FeastThe Royal Feast

    Use realistic physics and gravity to guide this guy's head to the goal!

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  • Minigame ArcadeMinigame Arcade

    A fun collection of mini-games.

  • Animal DanceAnimal Dance

    Test your memory, remember the sequence, then execute it.

  • Sliding PenguinSliding Penguin

    Pull back the penguin, and aim for the middle of the target.

  • Ball BusterBall Buster

    Balls, balls and more balls.

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  • Goldrush RouletteGoldrush Roulette

    A roulette game where you won't lose your house.

  • AdvansnakeAdvansnake

    A new slant on the snake genre. Classic mode included!

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  • Tower of PowerTower of Power

    Stop the meter as close as possible to the arrow.

  • Find Me or NotFind Me or Not

    Test your eyesight and memory, with two levels of difficulty.

  • Numeric MazeNumeric Maze

    Use your numeric keypad to find the exit as quickly as possible.

  • Killer SnakeKiller Snake

    Basic snake game, collect the fruit and don't hit the walls or yourself.

  • KwhackKwhack

    Put your reflexes to the test in this funny game.

  • Speed ClickSpeed Click

    Click the button as many times as you can in 30 seconds!

  • AbandonedAbandoned

    Escape the asylum!

  • BluegadonBluegadon

    Red = bad. Avoid!

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  • OrbashOrbash

    Defend yourself from the waves of enemies that are trying to shrink you!