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Wednesday, November 22, 2017 by Kurac

3 Ways Taiwanese Women
Will Be Surprise You

Taiwanese women are the 'yin and yang' of Asia. 

What do I mean by that? 

They have wonderful traits that you'll find yourself loving but bring emotional challenges. 

Be aware of these now before you decide to seriously date or even marry her.

Sweet And Sour

Overall Taiwanese ladies are among the most caring women I've met in Asia.

They actually get proactive invite you to things to make you feel better. 

Not only that but they'll actually pay for it too!

You won't find that generally in other parts of Asia based on my observations. 

On the other hand if you have an argument chances are she'll get insecure and will clamp up.  This can depend on what offense "or imagined offense" you've done.

If you've made her lose face in public or in a fit of anger told her that you don't want to see her again...she'll remember (which is quite typical.)

You're probably thinking "Well, gee this is like women back home too!"  Well yes and no...

This is different from Korean women who'll more likely confront you or Japanese women who will just keep quiet about it (yet take in the grudge more deeply.)  In fact if you can notice when a Japanese woman is annoyed by just looking at her then you've got  a 6th sense!

Get to enjoy how sweet she'll be (as she brings you a surprise bubble milk tea for example) but be careful when your Western confrontational side wants to kick in.  If it ever does I recommend taking a big breathe and becoming as diplomatic as possible.

Gets Into Your Life...And Then Gets You

At first you'll find seeing her regularly quite endearing.  On a rainy Thursday night in Taipei you'll phone her up and chances are she'll come see you.

On the flip side you begin to notice how she keeps leaving things at your place.  In fact your bathroom will have so many girlish things that guests would think you're a part-time transvestite! ;-)

Symbolically she's moving in and reeling you in for a more serious relationship.  Be aware of this if you're looking for the same thing or not. 

The concept of "open-relationships" or "just dating" is something you'll have to teach if that is what you're expecting out of your relationship.

Assumes Good and Bad Things About You

In general Taiwanese women believe that expat men can easily get a Taiwanese girlfriend.  In fact the stereotype of Westerners is that they're "oversexed."  If that's your case then what a quality problem to have. ;-)

If not then it spells good and bad news for you:

The good news is that you're attractive to many ladies in Taiwan and eventually you will find yourself a girlfriend.  I've even had women pro-actively ask me out in Taipei.  I wouldn't say that I'm handsome but I'm sure many people would passionately argue that I'm being too modest. ;-)

The bad news is that she will be insecure when with you.  She will ask you questions about the stability and security of the relationship.  You see, for her you

 • are attractive and thus other women want you too

 • are a foreigner and chances are you're going to leave the country

 • probably have other girlfriends're just good at hiding them from her

Note:  You happen to be tall, white and blond?  You'll have a bigger share of women who are attracted to you.  Heck you might even have some start a conversation with you too!  On the flip side they will be more conservative than you'll expect.  I recommend being aware of that.

Would You Want To Date Taiwanese Women?

If the answer isn't a resounding "Yes!" then you're missing out.  Your date is not only beautiful and exotic, but chances are she'll also be sweet and endearing as well.  The yin and yang of most girls from Taiwan will make you happy.

In my experience I wish they had the bubbly light heartedness that Korean women or the cosmopolitan view that many Hong Kong women have but you don't alway get what you want.  Who knows?  You might find one who actually does have those two traits.

In that case consider yourself lucky...she's a keeper! If you're not into that then please do me a favor and contact me. :-) › Taiwan Girls › Taiwanese Women

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