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Thursday, October 05, 2017 by Bone

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An Ayn Rand dating site, because the only people that can tolerate dating an Ayn Rand fan is another Ayn Rand fan.

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Because your average gluten-free single is too busy asking a waiter if every item on the menu is gluten-free to meet someone in real life.

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Age Match

A great place if you're an older man that suffers from the rare affliction of wanting to date attractive younger women.

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Clown Dating

We've all wanted to date a creepy clown at one time or another, and now we finally have a way to do so!

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Date A Granny

Unfortunately, if you have fantasies of a nice granny baking you pies and making sure you have a warm sweater to wear, this is NOT the granny dating site for you. It's surprisingly X-rated!

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Furry Mate

Because it's not what’s on the inside that counts, it's which giant animal costume you're wearing on the outside.

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Finally, the crazy cat lady can find her purrfect crazy cat man!

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Women Behind Bars

Women Behind Bars

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The perfect site for when you're sick of getting irie on your own.

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Because it takes a specific type of person that wants to grab dinner and a movie with a fresh load in their pants.

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Warcraft Dating

Unfortunately, this is where you go to date the people behind the orc and elf avatars, NOT the actual orcs and elves.

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Equestrian Singles

The best way to go on a date that might end in winning a blue ribbon.

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Farmers Only

If you're sick of droughts ruining your crops AND love life!

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Whovian Love

A place you can go bother people that actually care about your insanely obsessive fandom.

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Fat Bastards

No telling if this subtly named site is for plus-size people or fans of the Austin Powers franchise.

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Homeless Dating

A very classy dating site with an extremely tasteful layout!

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Hot Sauce Passions

Spice up your love life, and make sure you wash your hands before heading into second base!

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Kingsnake After Dark

A snake and reptile enthusiast dating site with an incredibly filthy sounding name.

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Science Connection

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to join this dating site… oh, wait… it actually does.

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Date Vampires

No explanation as to how these vampires uploaded their pics, considering that whole “not seeing your own reflection” thing.

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Sea Captain Date

No jokes here. The fact that this site exists and is seemingly successful makes us proud to be American.

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Singles With Food Allergies

For those looking to bond over the most mundane thing they could possibly have in common.

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Waiting Til Marriage

Home to some very, very frustrated singles.

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Stache Passions

When you're looking for someone to appreciate your child toucher facial hair.

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Ugly Dating

It wouldn’t be awkward at all to tell your future children that you met mommy or daddy on a dating site that refers to their users as “mingers.”

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